More Bronze Age Warriors Swell Your Hail Caesar Ranks

January 27, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games and Cutting Edge Miniatures have continued their partnership with a mass of new Bronze Age Levies coming to swell the ranks of your roving army hoping to keep other cultures at bay. See what you think of these additions to Hail Caesar

Early Household Archers

Early Household Axemen

Levy Slingers

Some great new additions and while they have multiple sculpts, it’s not such a problem when it comes to making a large scale army for the battlefield. I quite like all of the models on offer and although I’m much more of a Dark Age fan I do like the aesthetic of this force.

It might also be interesting to play an army that isn’t Romans; give yourself a bit of a challenge on the battlefield perhaps?

Will you be picking these up for your army?