Warlord Games Set Down an Assyrian Shield Wall

June 20, 2012 by brennon

It’s that time again for more warriors of Ancient History in Hail Caesar to march out onto the battlefield from Warlord Games. First of all let’s check out the Assyrian Spearmen

Assyrian Qurubuti Spearmen

Assyrian Qurubuti Spearmen (Command)

I know that these are obviously for Historical gaming but couldn’t you just see these being converted up a little bit to make a living Khemri army from Warhammer?

The shields were huge used to hold off barrages of missile fire while the ranked warriors would march forwards. While they are pretty massive they were woven from reeds and covered in leather for extra protection.

Next up are the Macedonian Command leading the armies of Northern Greece into battle. A great contrast from the Assyrians and if you fancy taking on an army that used the mighty phalanx then this could be your army.

What do you make of these new models?