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Weekender: Holy Kickstarter Batman! Monolith's Ace New Project + Back To Vietnam!

Weekender: Holy Kickstarter Batman! Monolith’s Ace New Project + Back To Vietnam!


Knight Models’ Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Coming To Kickstarter March 14th


Knight Models have announced that their Harry Potter: Miniatures Adventure Game is coming to Kickstarter on March 14th, 2018 with a rather fancy looking base set!

A Death Eater Dons Their Mask At Knight Models


Knight Models have shown off a preview for the Death Eater miniature which will be serving Lord Voldemort’s schemes in the upcoming Harry Potter miniatures game.

Take To Brooms As Knight Models Preview A Death Eater For Harry Potter


It looks like brooms are certainly going to be thrown into the mix for the Harry Potter Miniatures Game by Knight Models as they previewed a Death Eater atop one this week.

ICv2 Gets Look At Lucius Malfoy & More For Harry Potter Game


Continuing to build on their previews for the Harry Potter Miniatures Game that is coming later this year, Knight Models let ICv2 show off a sneak peek at Lucius Malfoy and more…

Harry, Ron & Hermione Previewed For Knight Model’s Miniatures Game


Knight Models revealed more of the characters from their Harry Potter Miniatures Game to MuggleNet this weekend as they showed off the previously unseen Harry and Ron.

Lord Voldemort Weaves His Wicked Spells From Knight Models


Lord Voldemort himself is the next preview from Knight Models for the Harry Potter Miniatures Game. He Who Must Not Be Named is looking rather deadly, summoning up dark magic to bring his enemies low!

Harry Potter Miniatures Game Get Its Own Page On The Knight Models Website


Knight Models continues to torture Harry Potter fans worldwide with a new teaser page on their site.

Knight Models Preview The Witch With The Skills, Hermione Granger


Keeping the hype train fuelled the folks at Knight Models previewed Hermione Granger from the upcoming Harry Potter Miniature game.

Snape Joins The Cast For Knight Model’s Harry Potter Game


Snape is the latest character to join the cast for Knight Model’s upcoming Harry Potter Miniatures Game. See what you think…

Knight Models No Longer Creating Marvel Universe Miniatures


The announcement today came through that Knight Models will no longer be making/selling miniatures for their Marvel Universe Game.

Sirius Black Joins The Ranks Of The Harry Potter Miniature Game


Knight Models continues to tease us with images of the miniatures for their upcoming Harry Potter Miniature Game, and they do not disappoint. Have a look at the fantastic likeness for Sirius Black!

Check Out Knight Models’ Wickedly Wonderful Bellatrix For Harry Potter!


If you like to play the baddies, there’s few that measure up to the manical, Bellatrix Lestrange. Knight Models have shown off their spot on sculpt for the evil woman for their upcoming, Harry Potter Miniatures Game.

The Potterverse’s Mad Eye Moody Takes Shape From Knight Models!


Knight Models has shown off the first miniature from their upcoming Harry Potter range which will be coming later this year. Meet Mad Eye Moody!

Harry Potter Miniature Game Coming From Knight Models


Knight Models showed off a lot of different previews of what’s ahead for the DCUniverse but they’re also going to be planning a Harry Potter Miniatures Game for next year!