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A Surly Norse Male Finished By Hasslefree Miniatures


As Norse Warlords go this one might be a good choice. See what you make of this newly finished model by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Hasslefree Battle A Jotun In A New Diorama Set


Hasslefree are currently working on a new diorama set, pitting two heroes of the north up against a ferocious jotun.

Hasslefree Ready A Stern Scifi Soldier


Hasslefree Minis have previewed a new scifi soldier in a suitably stern pose.

A Norse Ogre Prowls The Lands Of Hasslefree


Hasslefree are working on a sculpt for a new model, an Ogre from the lands of the Norse.

Hasslefree Sculpt Up A Mighty Tall Viking Warrior


Leading from the front as a berserker most likely we have another awesome Viking sculpt by Hasslefree Miniatures that Warren will no doubt want to add to his collection!

Snap Up New Hasslefree Resin Master Of Heroes & Villains


A smattering of new resin masters hit the webstore from Hasslefree Miniatures.

Shamans & Winter Warrior Women Take Shape From Hasslefree


Hasslefree Miniatures looks ahead to some finished and work-in-progress miniatures for their Matt Dixon project. We kick things off with the Jaguar Shaman, Boudi.

Weekender XLBS: Warren's Vikings Warband; From TV To Tabletop

Weekender XLBS: Warren’s Vikings Warband; From TV To Tabletop


Weekender: Mantic’s Warpath Renewed & Kicking Off Guild Ball Week!


We’ve got some mega-prizes for you this weekend as we talk Guild Ball and Mantic’s Warpath…

Two New Quirky Characters Join The Hasslefree Family


There is certainly one rather quirky individuals joining the ranks of the Hasslefree family soon as Steve hits the tabletop for your otherworldly Sci-Fi adventures.