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A Big Armoured Brute Takes Shape From Hasslefree Miniatures

16 days ago 5

Named the ‘Big Armoured Bastard’ Hasslefree Miniatures have shown off the work going into a big brutish warrior that would look good guarding a tomb deep within a dusty castle ruin.

Hasslefree’s Kickstarter Fires Through Funding For Fantasy Females

42 days ago 30

Hasslefree’s Kickstarter has launched and has already managed to surpass its initial funding goal five times over!

Hasslefree Head To Kickstarter For Fantasy’s Femme Fatales

47 days ago 27

Hasslefree Miniatures have announced that they will be making their first foray into Kickstarter to make minis based on the artwork of Matt Dixon.

Armoured Chip Bounds Out Of Hasslefree Miniatures

66 days ago 7

Coming soon to the world of Hasslefree Miniatures we have Armoured Chip who looks like the kind of battle pooch you’d want on your side.

Community Painting Picks: Traitors, Snarling Wolves & An Adventuring Hero

73 days ago 6

Wolf Riding Warriors, Elf Heroes & A Traitorous Fiend await you this week!

Hasslefree’s Dashing Elf Hero Takes Shape

87 days ago 8

See what you think of this dashing looking Elf Hero from Hasslefree Miniatures.

Hasslefree Miniatures Shows Off Post Apocalyptic Resin Master

104 days ago 6

Hasslefree Miniatures has given us a look at Alex H, a rather awesome looking swordsman who has a grudge to settle.

Elven Warriors & Archers Take Shape In New Hasslefree Previews

126 days ago 2

Hasslefree Miniatures have looked ahead to more characterful miniatures for their line-up and this time they’ve embraced the Elves. We kick things off with this Female Archer…

Hasslefree Miniatures Heading To Kickstarter Soon?

180 days ago 5

Hasslefree Miniatures appear to be heading to Kickstarter soon with this teaser announcement that popped up not long ago.

Soldiers & Berserkers On The Cards From Hasslefree

227 days ago 8

Hasslefree Miniatures have shown off some new previews of what their characters are going to be a little way down the line. We’re going with Fantasy and Sci-Fi here with a start being the Female Modern Trooper who has been tweaked…

Slay Zombies & Summon Spells With Hasslefree

250 days ago 6

Taking two different stances on tabletop gaming we have some very different female miniatures from Hasslefree Miniatures that will be coming soon to their webstore. Kicking things off we have the zombie slaying Rhianna…

Hasslefree Show Off Final WIP Of Grond The Barbarian

267 days ago 12

If you’re looking for a burly Ogre to fight through dungeons with during your role-playing campaigns then see what you think of Grond from Hasslefree who I reckon is quite the Barbarian…

Another Naginata Girl Takes Shape From Hasslefree Miniatures

287 days ago 2

A new year and a new batch of sculpts are coming soon from Hasslefree Miniatures. One of the first is this new Naginata Girl who is still in the early stages of production but is looking like she’s going to be an instant hit.

Hasslefree’s Iona Starkiller Harnesses Her Psychic Powers

327 days ago 7

Hasslefree Miniatures have now added the resin master version of Iona Starkiller to their webstore. If you’re looking for a psychic master who is also a dab hand with a sword and glaive then you might have found your woman warrior…

Hasslefree Show Off A New Survivor For The Post-Apocalypse

333 days ago 13

Hasslefree Miniatures have shown off another of their new survivors which will soon be fighting off zombies in the post-apocalypse. Check out the mullet on Foster…