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Hasslefree’s Warrior Women Wrap Up Warm For Winter

4 days ago 6

Over on Social Media, we’ve been seeing more characters coming to life from Hasslefree. They are lead by Glory here, who you might recognise as inspired by a certain album cover.

Weekender XLBS: Hoards Of Historical Hobby & Roko's Basilisk Melts Minds

Weekender XLBS: Hoards Of Historical Hobby & Roko’s Basilisk Melts Minds

52 days ago 179

We’re getting stuck into some chatter about where
we stand on the Historical front when it comes to
tabletop gaming and some of the projects
that might feature for use here at BoW.

Community Spotlight: Sci-Fi Travellers, Long Dead Warriors & An Orky Flyer

Community Spotlight: Sci-Fi Travellers, Long Dead Warriors & An Orky Flyer

53 days ago 16

We’re checking out three awesome Sci-Fi projects
in this latest batch of Community Spotlights
looking at your excellent work!

A Bard & A Wild Warrior Pop Up From Hasslefree

53 days ago 3

Hasslefree, or more specifically the Hasslefresian has been sculpting up some more characters.

A Dashing Fellow & Shrewd Businessman Sculpted Up By Hasslefree

74 days ago 4

Two more characters come to life from the sculptor behind Hasslefree Miniatures. First off we have this dashing fellow who is in the middle of performing his artistry.

Warlords For Good & Evil Come Together From Hasslefree Miniatures

103 days ago 4

Sculpting away it seems like Hasslefree has been working on two very different miniatures. The first of these is Warrior Queen Annie who comes into battle with sword and rifle in hand and quite the outfit too.

Hasslefree’s Barbarian Warrior Women Take Shape

129 days ago 12

Hasslefree has been tinkering away making sure that their Barbarian Women come together nicely. Here we have three different models for you to check out.

Hasslefree Summon Forth An Undead Warrior

139 days ago 8

Hasslefree Miniatures have shown off another of the fantastic characters as we see the undead Ksenia coming to life, summoned from the grave to fight on.

From Heavy Armour To Skyclad With Hasslefree’s Heroes

144 days ago 6

Hasslefree Miniatures has shown off some additional work-in-progress shots of their characters coming to life for Fantasy worlds.

New Grymm Models On The Way From Hasslefree

155 days ago 2

The Grymm are one of the long-running ranges from Hasslefree Miniatures and they just got their hands on some new bits and pieces for the collection expanding it.

A Big Armoured Brute Takes Shape From Hasslefree Miniatures

171 days ago 5

Named the ‘Big Armoured Bastard’ Hasslefree Miniatures have shown off the work going into a big brutish warrior that would look good guarding a tomb deep within a dusty castle ruin.

Hasslefree’s Kickstarter Fires Through Funding For Fantasy Females

198 days ago 30

Hasslefree’s Kickstarter has launched and has already managed to surpass its initial funding goal five times over!

Hasslefree Head To Kickstarter For Fantasy’s Femme Fatales

202 days ago 27

Hasslefree Miniatures have announced that they will be making their first foray into Kickstarter to make minis based on the artwork of Matt Dixon.

Armoured Chip Bounds Out Of Hasslefree Miniatures

221 days ago 7

Coming soon to the world of Hasslefree Miniatures we have Armoured Chip who looks like the kind of battle pooch you’d want on your side.

Community Painting Picks: Traitors, Snarling Wolves & An Adventuring Hero

229 days ago 6

Wolf Riding Warriors, Elf Heroes & A Traitorous Fiend await you this week!