A Female Barbarian Storms Hasslefree & Fights A Mighty Monster

November 22, 2017 by dracs

Hasslefree are sculpting a new Female Barbarian and judging by her expression she’s about to take down a particularly big monster.

Female Barbarian

She definitely fits the role of the barbarian heroine and looks like she could easily hold her own against all manner of evil warlords and monsters, although she is wearing rather more clothing than the usual female barbarian. Which isn’t hard.

Female Barbarian

I love how, when placed alongside the latest male barbarian, the two look as though they have just noticed that the monster they are about to face is a bit bigger than expected. It would be great to see them used as part of a diorama.

What are your thoughts on this new figure?

"...judging by her expression she's about to take down a particularly big monster"