Hasslefree Give Their Karl Mini New Greatcoat and Gear

November 10, 2014 by dracs

Hasslefree Miniatures have come out with an alternative sculpt for their scifi warrior Karl Drax, giving him an awesome new greatcoat and weaponry to make him into a real Rogue Drax.

Rogue Drax

As well as his cool new gear, a couple of minor tweaks have been to the sculpt. These include tilting his head slightly downwards and I believe retouching his features slightly, making him look rather more brooding and menacing than his previous iteration.

Karl Drax

Of these two, I actually think the new Rogue Drax is the more interesting. After all, he’s wearing a trenchcoat, which as we all know instantly makes him cool. Not just that but the equipment he’s carrying is far more interesting. The gun in particular stands out more and is far less understated than the one carried by the Karl Drax variant.

Which of these two models is your favourite?

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