Hasslefree Preview Modern Soldiers & Chaotic Warriors

October 23, 2012 by brennon

Hasslefree Miniatures have a pair of new models on the way for both the modern/historical era and fantasy too. Check out both Demon and the Chaos Warrior below…

Demon with M27

Male Chaos Warrior

Obviously very different models from opposite ends of the spectrum, but I am certainly liking both of them. The new modern combat style miniatures from Hasslefree are always top notch and would be fun in a number of military games or indeed something a bit more eerie. I could see all these Spec-Ops soldiers fighting off a zombie invasion.

The Chaos Warrior however is my favourite of the two. I love the stance and can’t wait to see what weapon he will be wielding. I imagine there could be both a shield and hand weapon version as well as possibly two hand weapons. The only odd thing I can see is the helmet, it looks a little off when it comes to the join between helmet and chest armour.

What do you think of these two models?