Hasslefree Finally Bring Justice Sedante to Fantasy

January 30, 2015 by dracs

In my opinion, Justice Sedante, the Sci-Fi defender of humanity, was perhaps Hasslefree’s best miniature last year. Now it seems that she will be bringing justice to fantasy as well as they show off the WiP for this upcoming variant.

Justice Sedante

There have been a few changes from her Sci-Fi incarnation. Aside from switching out her chainsword and laser pistol for a sword and flintlock, the position of her legs have also been changed to create the sense she is walking forwards, shooting down all who oppose her.

When we place her beside the previous model, we can see there has also been a significant loss in the number of pouches and accessories she was wearing, although maybe this is something we will see added later.

Justice Sedante Scifi

I am really excited by the appearance of this miniature. Back when the Sci-Fi one was released I mentioned how I would love a fantasy version to lead a Mordheim Witch Hunters warband and this has just enforced that.

Others suggested she might make a good pirate queen or even post-apocalypse survivor. While I don’t think this fantasy one quite suits the post-apocalypse, she would definitely serve well as the leader of a pirate crew, especially with that flintlock pistol of hers.

What do you think of Hasslefree’s Justice Sedante? What game would you use her in?

"Justice Sedante, the Sci-Fi defender of humanity, was perhaps Hasslefree's best miniature last year."