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Vlog: Dropfleet Commander Week – Moons Complete & Final Layout

13 hours ago 25

Lloyd’s stolen the cameraman to continue his Moons, moving on to colouring and shading the craters on the surfaces.

3 Colours Up: Shaltari Light Cruiser - Part Two

3 Colours Up: Shaltari Light Cruiser (Part Two)

14 hours ago 4

With the Dropfleet Boot Camp coming around the corner, Romain is finishing up his Romulan inspired Shaltari Light Cruiser.

Making & Designing Dropfleet Commander Stat Cards

Making & Designing Dropfleet Commander Stat Cards

1 day ago 9

Adrian Eccles takes us through how he designed his own Stat Cards for use with Dropfleet Commander!

VLOG: Dropfleet Commander Week – A Space Station Odyssey

2 days ago 50

With the ships out of the way it’s time to have a look at creating some holographic objective markers. It’s amazing to see what a little drybrushing can do for the detail on all the buildings.

Drop Tactics: Bombarding the Enemy from Range

Drop Tactics: Bombarding The Enemy From Range

2 days ago 4

We’re learning about the unique Bombardment play-style for Dropzone Commander and how you might combat it…

Drop Tactics XLBS: An Orgy Of Violence From The Valkyries

2 days ago 5

We’re learning about the tactics you can use with the Valkyries on the battlefields of Dropzone Commander…

VLOG: Dropfleet Commander Week – Lloyd’s Polystyrene Moons

3 days ago 38

While John’s been painting up Warren’s fleets, we take a moment to join Lloyd at the next table.

VLOG: Dropfleet Commander Week – John’s Paint Schemes

4 days ago 35

With less than a week to go for the Dropfleet Bootcamp, we’re wrecking our minds together to get work complete on the various ships, moons and tables ready for the all important weekend.

Dropfleet Comander: Wave Three Unboxing - Space Stations

Dropfleet Commander: Wave Three Unboxing – Space Stations

7 days ago 15

Prepare for docking as wave three of the releases for
Dropfleet Commander brings us the Modular Space
Station Pack, containing the biggest sprue Hawk
Wargames have made to date!

3 Colours Up: Shaltari Light Cruiser

3 Colours Up: Shaltari Light Cruiser (Part One)

8 days ago 20

Romain’s heading into space in searchof some Romulan type ships as inspiration to paint the beautifully crafted Shaltari Light Cruiser.

Let's Play: Dropfleet Commander

Let’s Play: Dropfleet Commander

11 days ago 37

Welcome Marines, today we’re
dispatching our best Captains
out to the frontlines of Space
in today’s Dropfleet Commander
from Hawk Wargames.

Dropfleet Commander: Wave Two - Battleships

Dropfleet Commander: Wave Two Overview – Battleships

14 days ago 15

It’s time to fire up the big guns as we look at what
wave two brings to the table for Dropfleet Commander.
Battleships fit for an Admiral!

Drop Tactics: Creating Mayhem with Medusa's NanoTechnology

Drop Tactics: Creating Mayhem With Medusa’s NanoTechnology

16 days ago 6

Medusa is a complex lady who reigns death and destruction wherever she travels with her amazing ability to control nanotechnology and today we’re learning to use her!

Drop Tactics XLBS: Transporting Walkers With Njord Assault Dropships

16 days ago 2

Based loosely on the Poseidon Chassis which normally carries six walkers, this Njord Assault Dropship from Dropzone Commander only carries four so whats the benefit of using it in battle?

VLOG: Dropfleet Space Station Update!

21 days ago 29

We’re catching up with things in the studio as we take a look at the progress on our Dropfleet Space Station builds.