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New Heavy Gear Plastic Starter Sets At Gen Con From Dream Pod 9

233 days ago 32

Dream Pod 9 have now collected together their Starter Sets for Heavy Gear Blitz and they will be available at Gen Con and on their webstore too.

Dream Pod 9 Provide Some Air Support With Peregrine Gunships

510 days ago 5

Dream Pod 9 have left the Heavy Gears behind for a moment and instead are focusing on the Peregrine Gunships for the CEF faction within the game. You can see what they look like both assembled and ‘exploded’ in component form…

New Leopard Gear Spotted For Dream Pod’s Heavy Gear

517 days ago 7

A new Leopard Mountaineer Gear has been spotted all painted up by Dream Pod 9′s Phil who does a lot of their sculpting. You can see two different variants on the Leopard here with optional weapon load outs…

Northern Grizzly & Kodiak Get Previewed For Dream Pod’s Heavy Gear

637 days ago 3

Some more big chunky gears have been created for the world of Heavy Gear. See what you think of Dream Pod 9′s Northern Grizzly and Kodiak which have gone through a bit of a revamp for the backers…

New Heavy Gears Previewed By Dream Pod 9

639 days ago 3

Dream Pod 9 Have been showing off some more of the 3D work going into their Heavy Gears. Not only have they had a look at the Northern Tiger but also another pair in the form of the Spitting Cobra and King Cobra…

Dream Pod 9′s Heavy Gear Blitz Kickstarter Finishes Soon!

854 days ago 3

See what the Heavy Gear Blitz Kickstarter looks like as it winds down over the next few days. You can get quite the haul if you want to take a closer look?

Check Out The Big Kickstarter Package For Heavy Gear Blitz!

866 days ago 11

Check out the whole range of stretch goals and other rewards you’ll be getting when you pledge for the Heavy Gear Blitz! Kickstarter. That’s a lot of plastic…

Dream Pod 9 Power Through Stretch Goals For Heavy Gear Blitz!

868 days ago 2

Check out another render for the Heavy Gear Blitz! Kickstarter and some more information on upcoming stretch goals and the shipping costs for the campaign.

Heavy Gear Blitz Starter Set Kickstarter Going Great Guns!

876 days ago 28

Dream Pod 9 have taken to Kickstarter to help fund the Starter Set for Heavy Gear Blitz called the War for Terra Nova! With so much new plastic already getting funded this could be quite the campaign to support.

Heavy Gear Blitz War For Terra Nova Hits Kickstarter Running

881 days ago 18

Dream Pod 9 has launched their Kickstarter for Heavy Gear Blitz! This project will be offering a starter set of minis for this new game and if the project is successful enough, they will offer a Core Set with up to 46 minis!

New Beta Rules for Heavy Gear Blitz Available

954 days ago 4

Dream Pod 9 is releasing their beta version of their rules for Heavy Gear Blitz to coincide with GenCon.

Snap Up Heavy Gears’ Exclusive Chieftain IV At Gen Con 2013

1318 days ago 1

See what you think of the exclusive miniature for Gen Con week with Heavy Gear Blitz! Is this one for you?

Dream Pod 9 Send In The Southern Armour For Heavy Gear

1353 days ago 4

Check out the Heavy Gear Blitz additions to the Southern tank regiments. The South really are growing in power.

Reinforce The South With New Vehicles In Heavy Gear Blitz!

1382 days ago 3

Check out some of the new tanks coming to the forces of the South in Heavy Gear Blitz thanks to Dream Pod 9.

Heavy Gear Assault From Stompy Bot Hits Kickstarter!

1402 days ago 4

Check out Stompy Bot’s exploration of the Heavy Gear world with their new video game on Kickstarter, Heavy Gear Arena!