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Snap Up Heavy Gears’ Exclusive Chieftain IV At Gen Con 2013

659 days ago 1

See what you think of the exclusive miniature for Gen Con week with Heavy Gear Blitz! Is this one for you?

Dream Pod 9 Send In The Southern Armour For Heavy Gear

694 days ago 4

Check out the Heavy Gear Blitz additions to the Southern tank regiments. The South really are growing in power.

Stompy Bot Talk Heavy Gear Assault Gametypes

737 days ago 1

Check out the latest update from Stompy Bot about the Heavy Gear Arena video game and the different ways in which you can play it. See what you think…

Heavy Gear Assault From Stompy Bot Hits Kickstarter!

743 days ago 4

Check out Stompy Bot’s exploration of the Heavy Gear world with their new video game on Kickstarter, Heavy Gear Arena!

Grab New May Releases For Heavy Gear From Dream Pod 9

744 days ago 4

Check out a whole host of new Heavy Gear miniatures from Dream Pod 9. See what you think of them and chose your favourite to comment about below!

Expand The Forces Of Peace River In Heavy Gear Blitz

793 days ago 1

Check out another triple threat of miniatures from Dream Pod 9 for their game of mechs and big guns, Heavy Gear.

Grab More Single Pack Heavy Gears From Dream Pod 9

799 days ago 0

Check out some more Mechs in single packs thanks to Dream Pod 9. Which one of these will be your favourite and get added to the roster?

Grab Some Online Only Gears From Dream Pod 9

820 days ago 0

Check out this trio of Heavy Gear Blitz! Gears from Dream Pod 9. They are only available (at present) from the web store so head over and check them out.

Start Your Pre-Orders For Heavy Gear’s Forged In Fire

932 days ago 4

Check out all the different pre-orders for Heavy Gear Blitz! This could be a big one!

The Heavy Gear Blitz: Forged in Fire Cover is Unveiled

937 days ago 1

Check out the cover of Forged in Fire which shows off an epic piece of artwork for December!

Dream Pod 9 Show Off Some Painted Forged in Fire Gears

944 days ago 3

Check out some classic miniatures from the Heavy Gear range painted by Studio Giraldez!

A Preview of the Heavy Gear Hydra Strider from Dream Pod 9

952 days ago 5

The folks over at Dream Pod 9 show us what the Hydra Strider looks like from the Southern Field Guide.

Dream Pod 9 Get You Started With A NuCoal Army Box

958 days ago 1

An awesome NuCoal Army Box is now on offer from Dream Pod 9. Grab it and get started in the world of Heavy Gear.

Win Big With Dream Pod 9′s Golden Gear Painting Contest!

971 days ago 0

If you’re a painting master then maybe you’ll consider going in for the Golden Gear painting competition?

Bases, Bitz & Upgrades from Dream Pod 9 for Heavy Gear

999 days ago 2

A mass of Heavy Gear Bases, Upgrades and Swaps from Dream Pod 9!