My Recent Thoughts on Heavy Gear

September 21, 2011 by beerogre

So I’ve been dutifully reading up on Heavy Gear, to try to get my head around the concepts and ideas behind the game.

There’s quite a bit going on and the interplay between infantry, tanks and Gears is gradually sinking in, with the aid of the helpful flow charts in the rulebook.

The game contains a lot of tactical depth, with electronic warfare, communications, off-table support and straight-up combat all playing a role in the overall strategy.

I’ve already tried to build myself a little 500 PL | TV1 force, so that I can plan what miniatures to buy. However, I’ve also been looking at the free Gear Up magazine to get some ideas about colour schemes and fluff.

Why not check it out yourself… just click the cover image below.

There’s an article in there, describing the Golden Gear painting competition, so I’m getting prepared for a deluge of inspiration in the upcoming issues.

In fact, I think I’ll get Sam to add Gear Up to the list of magazines to review in his show.

Tell me what you think of Heavy Gear and why not upload some of your painted Heavy Gear models to Minirama to give us all a bit of inspiration.

If you’re interested in getting a conversation started about Heavy Gear. Then why not join our new Heavy Gear: Blitz Discussion Group here on the Beasts of War website.

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