Model Spotlight: Lancier

November 22, 2011 by beerogre

The Lancier is a specialist Gear that was designed initially as a mining Gear. The high impact shoulder mounted grappling system was used for traversing the rugged Westridge Mountains and would have enabled miners to dig into hard to reach veins of ore. Shortly after the design had been approved for civilian manufacture, the mining Gear was adapted as a military Gear. The potent mountaineering Gear proved adept at not just mountain warfare, but it was also useful in urban warfare. Most city garrisons have at least one section of Lanciers at their disposal specifically for city defense.

Lancier - Standard Load Out

Variants: The Lancier has six standard configurations. Four of these configurations are simple weapon swaps. The remaining one has more significant upgrades. The Command Variant (CV) has an improved electronic warfare and communications package. The most unusual variants are the Spear and Dart variants which include a handheld box launcher for different grades of rockets. The design was necessitated due to the lack of shoulder hardpoints, where rockets are normally attached. As a side benefit of having a handheld launcher, the design allows the Spear or Dart Variant to reload the weapon. No other Terra Novan forces utilize the uniquely configured launcher.

Lancier - Command Variant

Lancier - Dart

Lancier - Flechette

Lancier - Torch

Lancier - Spear