A Tentacle Beast Bursts Forth For Mantic’s Hellboy + Exclusive Liz Sherman Reveal!

March 27, 2018 by brennon

Mantic Games have previewed another big beast for Hellboy to face off against in their board game which hits Kickstarter in April. Check it out.

Tentacle Monster (Miniature) - Hellboy

The model for this writhing beast known as Sadu-Hem comes to around 84mm tall and sits on a 50mm base. It works as one of the big boss encounters that you’re going to face in the game.

Tentacle Monster (Art) - Hellboy

You’ll find this creature in Seed of Destruction if you’re wanting to learn more about Hellboy and delve deeper into the background of this character.

Liz Sherman Revealed!

As well as that beast we also saw Liz Sherman revealed as one of the characters fighting for BPRD alongside Hellboy.

Liz Sherman - Hellboy

She is looking exceptionally cool and shows off that trademark blast of fire coming from her hands, ready to incinerate what’s before here. A neat reveal from Mantic for sure!

They also asked which Hellboy characters you’d like to see appearing in the game. Knowing Mantic they’ve probably got all of them planned but it would be neat to hear which ones YOU want to see.

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"It works as one of the big boss encounters that you're going to face in the game..."