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Hellbeasts Get Tweaked By Heresy For Imminent Return

748 days ago 5

Heresy Miniatures have shown off some of the work that has gone into tweaking their Hellbeast creatures that I’m sure you could find a spot for in your collection when they’re eventually re-released. I sense a bit of busting potentially?

Last Chance to Grab Heresy’s Dragon

958 days ago 8

Heresy Miniatures have announced that this January will be the last chance for us to order their mighty dragon as it will be going down from their webstore come the evening of January 4th.

One Day Left On Heresy’s Return Of Monsters Fundraiser!

1079 days ago 5

Heresy Miniatures have a mass of different miniatures for you to check out as their Kickstarter comes to a close.

More Monsters & Minions Head To Heresy’s Kickstarter

1091 days ago 4

See what you think of some of the additional rewards that have been added to the different pledges for Heresy Miniatures’ new Kickstarter!

The NetherLord Returns Through Kickstarter & Heresy!

1093 days ago 8

The mighty NetherLord has put together a dungeon full of dangerous foes both big and small! See what Heresy Miniatures have to offer on their new Kickstarter!

Job’s A Good’un Big Boris Coming From Heresy Miniatures!

1107 days ago 7

Heresy Miniatures are giving Big Boris the Barbarian a face lift for an upcoming Kickstarter!

There’s Some Magical Goings On With Heresy’s Latest Goblin

1157 days ago 0

Heresy Miniatures have just added a Goblin Shaman to their webstore that was originally sculpted for Goblin Aid by Heresy’s Andy Foster.

Some Skeletal Plastics Begin Rising Out of Heresy Miniatures

1219 days ago 20

It looks like Heresy Miniatures have been sowing Hydra’s teeth as a skeletal 3-up has risen from their work bench.

Heresy’s NetherLord Shall Rule Over All Salute

1224 days ago 7

Heresy Miniatures are bringing a couple of resin masters of their new daemonic NetherLord to Salute, complete with enormous, bat-like wings.

Heresy Miniatures Bring a New Doctor to an Eternal War

1371 days ago 4

It is time for a new doctor, a doctor ready to fight in an eternal war, a doctor like this new one being sculpted by Heresy Miniatures.

Learn The Ways Of Magic With Heresy Miniatures

1454 days ago 2

Learn the art of magic thanks to the new character model for both villains and heroes by Heresy Miniatures.

Heresy’s Andy Shows Off An Awesome Goblinaid Greenskin

1509 days ago 0

Check out this awesome little fella from Andy at Heresy Miniatures. His Goblin for Goblinaid is top notch!

Heresy Miniatures Reveal A Raft Of New Miniatures

1590 days ago 6

Check out the new releases for Heresy Miniatures that have a neat Sci-Fi edge to them!