One Day Left On Heresy’s Return Of Monsters Fundraiser!

September 2, 2014 by brennon

Heresy Miniatures have just under a day left on their Return of Monsters Kickstarter and there is quite a lot for you to pick up. See what you think of some of the new additions to the pledge and their big Lord of Darkness level scoop!

B'Hakoth The Fallen One

The Angel of Righteous Anger

The first two miniatures that we’ll take a look at are both B’Hakoth The Fallen One and The Angel of Righteous Anger. Quite the cool high flying duo and it would be awesome to put these two into a neat diorama. I think both are ace sculpts of course as well!

Ogre Cyclops

Lesser Cyclops


Minor Fallen One

As well as the big miniatures we have a selection of smaller ones popping up as part of pledges. I am a big fan of the Lesser Cyclops and the Minor Fallen One who is an older miniature that needs a resurgence! Some really call rewards.

Lord of Darkness Pledge

Last but not least is the actual Lord of Darkness pledge that will get you access to a mass of miniatures. According to the updates on the Kickstarter itself there is over £800 worth of stuff here and the pledge price is £666 so you do make quite the saving and that’s without whatever else happens within the last few hours.

Have you picked your favourite models?