Learn The Ways Of Magic With Heresy Miniatures

August 23, 2013 by brennon

Heresy Miniatures have been learning the whims and workings of magic and their latest release allows you to master spells, undeath or even curses with their Apprentice Mage/Lich/Warlock.

Apprentice Mage

As you can see you can swap out the heads to make him into all three. I love the moody look and he would work well as a villain or indeed hero for role-playing on the tabletop. I actually think he would work well as a Necromancer, mixed into the hordes of living dead.

Something about the Lich head reminds me of Fable actually. I think it’s the assassins mask in the game!

Been told by Heresy this has been out for a while, BUT, I really love the miniatures so it’s getting some time in the spotlight anyway!

Will you be casting spells with him?