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Hero Forge Add Grey Plastic Back Into The Mix

287 days ago 10

Hero Forge add grey plastic back into the mix as another material you can use to create your own bespoke heroes.

Hero Forge Add New Grey Plastic Choice For Personalised Characters

417 days ago 6

Hero Forge is a fantastic resource for creating great looking heroes for role-playing games and now they offer a new grey plastic material option!

New Customisation Options Available For Hero Forge

726 days ago 0

Hero Forge have added some more fun upgrades and options to their Custom Miniature Creator which enables you to make heroes and villains for the tabletop. It’s a very cool program and now it includes Cat People, Werewolves and Textured Bases…

Hero Forge Custom Mini Platform Launches Online!

901 days ago 12

See what you think of the Hero Forge platform now that it has fully launched online. You can make heroes from all different walks of life and genres. It’s pretty great!

Hero Forge Customisable Adventurers Coming Soon!

913 days ago 3

Hero Forge is coming to life soon on December 8th so keep an eye out for this quite revolutionary take on getting miniatures to your door.