Green Lantern and Power Ring Join DC Heroclix

January 21, 2015 by dracs

Most people know of the Green Lantern the cosmic peace keeper whose power ring lets him create whatever he can imagine. Most people know him by his secret identity Ryan Reynolds, but it looks like two other iterations of the Emerald Knight are making their way into Heroclix.

First up we meet Simon Baz, a new Green Lantern of the New 52.

Green Lantern

This one time car thief became a member of the Green Lantern corps when he was chosen by Sinestro’s green power ring. He has a very distinct appearance compared to his fellow Green Lanterns as he wears a full face mask. He is also notable for carrying a gun, in case his power ring runs out.

As well as this new Lantern, a more sinister alternate will be appearing in Heroclix; the Earth-3 version of Hal Jordon, the villain Power Ring.

Power Ring

Power Ring is the mirror image of Hal Jordon. He has all the powers of a Green Lantern, but the ring often seems to be the one in charge. In fact, using the ring causes Power Ring mental and physical pain. It is a curse rather than a gift. Of course, this doesn’t stop him using its power to become one of the most powerful members of the Crime Syndicate.

Do you play Heroclix? Will either of these versions of the Green Lantern join your collection?