A Hello Kitty Miniatures Game. WHAT!?

February 13, 2013 by dracs

You read that right folks, we could be seeing a Hello Kitty miniatures game on the horizon as Sanrio, Inc., the owners of Hello Kitty, and NECA, toy makers and owners of WizKids, have signed a marketing deal.

Hello Kitty Let's Play

The new Hello Kitty line will cater to long-time collectors, with action figures and statues, high-end lamps, calendars, tea sets, vintage carrying cases, and more, as well as various tabletop games, plus a HeroClix miniature gaming collection from NECA’s games subsidiary WizKids.

What kind of gaming mechanics would a Hello Kitty HeroClix game use? I mean what can you do in game where the characters look like this?

Hello Kitty

Now I don’t think a game has to have violence in order to be good, but I do hope this is the case in Hello Kitty HeroClix. Or maybe we could combine it with other HeroClix ranges. Hello Kitty meets Batman!