Mutant Spy Pete Wisdom is the Next Marvel Miniature for HeroClix

October 14, 2014 by dracs

WizKids have revealed the latest limited edition miniature that will be appearing in their Marvel 2014 Monthly Organised Play Kit for HeroClix. This time it’s a superhero for us Brits, in the form of MI-13 agent Pete Wisdom.

Pete Wisdom

Pete Wisdom is one of the more recognisable faces from among the Marvel line up of British super-heroes. A mutant with the power to fire hot knives of pure energy from his finger tips, Pete Wisdom has worked as a spy for various branches of the British Secret Service, including MI-13, the one responsible for anything strange or unusual in Britain.

Pete has had a rather interesting career. He has fought as part of the Excalibur team, a British off-shoot of the X-Men, and fought against the Skrull invasion alongside Captain Britain and an alien shapeshifter in the form of John Lennon. I love comics.

All his formidable experience should transfer over well to HeroClix and make him a useful addition to your team.

Pete Wisdom HeroClix

Do any of you play HeroClix? Is it a game we might be interested in trying out? What do you think of Pete Wisdom?