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See Lynthorpe Farm In Summer & Winter With Heroic Maps


If you’re looking for a rural setting in which to fight out your next skirmish then how about the new East Lynthorpe Farm which comes in two flavours from Heroic Maps – Summer & Winter.

Take The Dungeon Crawl Into Summoning Rooms From Heroic Maps


Now your adventure can take you into Summoning Rooms from Heroic Maps! 3 separate maps can serve as additions to your GM’s maps or hidden rooms, triggered when the right events occur on their quest.

Explore All the Levels of the Mage’s Tower in New Map


Let your imagination take your RPG to new heights in the new, multi-level map set from Heroic Maps, The Mage’s Tower! Each floor fits on top of one another to help players explore the many levels in the tower.