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Victrix Sound The Big Guns With New Napoleonic French Artillery

2 days ago 2

Victrix have shown off some of the final renders that will soon become models for their Napoleonic Range. This French Artillery comes in two flavours with both an 1804-1812 option and one for 1812-1815 too. See what you think of the characterful crews below…

Perry Miniatures Work On More Napoleonic British Infantry

4 days ago 1

Perry Miniatures have shown off what’s on the workbench and this time it’s Napoleonic British Infantry in various guises. See what you think of them…

Read Rude Roman Graffiti On Neat Shield Transfer Kit From Victrix

5 days ago 20

See what your shield wall would look like if someone decided to cover it in graffiti before they went into battle. These Legionaries had a lot of spare time on their hands!

The French Chasseurs à Cheval Ride Into Battle For Black Powder

6 days ago 8

Ride into battle and do a bit of raiding with the Chasseurs à Cheval in Black Powder. A new plastic set is ready to have a look at from Warlord Games.

Live Hangout Tonight With Alessio Cavatore Talking Terminator & More!

Live Hangout With Alessio Cavatore Talking Waterloo, Terminator & More!

9 days ago 23

We sat down for a Live
Hangout Chat with
Alessio Cavatore of River Horse
to talk about the Terminator Genisys
Miniatures Game AND
his new Waterloo game…

The Ancient Spanish (Iberians) Fight For Carthage Soon With Victrix

28 days ago 6

Protect your flanks with some Ancient Spanish skirmishers with a variety of different shields from Victrix. They will be reinforcing your Carthaginians in no time.

Unboxing: Flames of War Sherman Armoured Platoon

30 days ago 15

Justin and John unbox a platoon of five British Armoured Sherman tanks for Flames of War which you can build into either a Sherman V or Firefly VC.

New Napoleonic Vignettes Now Available From Perry Miniatures!

56 days ago 4

Get yourself caught up in the moment of a decisive battle with some really cool vignettes now available from Perry Miniatures for your Napoleonic battles.

Build Up A 6mm Napoleonic Battlefield With Total Battle Miniatures

58 days ago 7

Get down into the minute detail of 6mm terrain with some amazing sets from Total Battle Miniatures. If you’re looking to re-create the Napoleonic campaigns then this could be for you.

Fight For Carthage With New Plastic Infantry By Victrix!

60 days ago 9

March under the command of the enigmatic Hannibal with this amazing new set of plastic miniatures from Victrix.

Lead Your Thorakitai In Hail Caeser With New Command Set

62 days ago 4

March into battle with the command part of the Thorakitai as Warlord Games release them for your regiments in Hail Caesar. Once again these are an interesting unit I didn’t know much about! Learning is fun!

Unfeasibly Miniatures Mount Up & Join The French Foreign Legion

65 days ago 4

Take a trip into the desert with the likes of Laurel & Hardy and some more pulp and historical inspired figures for the Foreign Legion by Unfeasibly Miniatures!

Unboxing: Bolt Action Valentine II Infantry Tank

66 days ago 17

Justin and John get romanced by the Valentine II Infantry Tank from Warlord Games for their Bolt Action games.

Unboxing: Bolt Action German Veteran Grenadier Squad

72 days ago 19

We jump off our tanks and trudge ahead on foot armed with our STG44s as we march alongside a German Veteran Grenadier Squad for Bolt Action.

Unboxing: Bolt Action Panzer IV Plastic Kit

79 days ago 14

Justin and John take a look at a plastic Panzer IV kit for Bolt Action which allows you to make one of three versions of this famous tank.