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Prussian High Command Come To Life From Black Hussar

11 hours ago 1

Black Hussar Miniatures have previewed some of their upcoming characters that will be commanding soldiers in the field during the Napoleonic period.

Forged In Battle Rally Saxon Warriors For 15mm War & Empire

14 hours ago 2

Forged In Battle have shown off some of the new Saxons coming your way for their 15mm War & Empire range.

Westfalia Promises Saxon Light Cavalry On Horizon

6 days ago 0

Looking to add some Saxons to your battle? Westfalia is showing off some Saxon Light Cavalry previews that will be the perfect new additions to your collection.

Elephants Charge Into Hail Caesar Soon – Tanks Of The Ancient World

8 days ago 5

Elephants are charging into the world of Hail Caesar soon from Warlord Games. These ‘tanks of the ancient world’ fight for the Macedonian Successors.

Perry Miniatures Sculpt Up 75mm Captain David Gregory

32 days ago 5

Delving back into their own family history the Perry Twins have now added a 75mm to their collection for sale. Here we have Captain David Gregory of the 45th Foot serving at the Battle of Talavera in 1809.

New Black Powder Waterloo Box Coming Soon From Warlord

33 days ago 4

Warlord Games have their sights set on a whole new Waterloo Box coming soon and they showed off the cover for it featuring artwork by Peter Dennis and some of the sculpts by Wojtek.

Imperial Romans Take Shape & Form Up From Victrix

56 days ago 10

Victrix are going to be setting about conquering Gaul and beyond with their Early Imperial Romans set which is coming together very nicely.

Romans Clash With Celts In Italeri’s Pax Romana Set

57 days ago 12

Italeri are stepping back in history once again with another of their Battle Sets. Their previous one went back to Rorke’s Drift whereas this delves into Ancient times with Pax Romana.

Early Imperial Romans Coming Next From Victrix

85 days ago 10

Victrix have talked about their upcoming project for the Ancient period. They are now going to be tackling Early Imperial Romans starting with this one render to show the direction they are taking with their plastics.

Armoured & Unarmoured Samnites Band Together From Victrix

88 days ago 5

Victrix have some more Ancients plastics on the way for your gathering horde of warriors intent on battling the forces of Rome. See what you make of both their Armoured & Unarmoured Samnites who will be joining the battle at Salute…

Are You Not Entertained? New Gladiators Soon From Warhansa

95 days ago 0

Warhansa are looking towards the sands of the arena with their upcoming releases. Here you can see two of their Gladiators – Secutor & Retiarius.

Relic Miniatures Battle On With Republican Roman Cavalry

103 days ago 2

If you’re looking for some cavalry to charge forth and take out the ranged element of the enemy army and harass the flanks then see what you make of Relic Miniatures Republican Roman Cavalry.

Victrix Mount Up With The Ancient Iberian Cavalry

109 days ago 11

The next big unit are the Iberian Cavalry who are in the midst of charging into the massed ranks of the enemy to hopefully break them with a thunderous charge…

Charge Into Battle With Plastic French Lancers By Warlord

121 days ago 6

Warlord Games have come out with a new plastic kit for those of you wanting to add some cavalry to your Napoleonic French armies in Black Powder. See what you think of these French Line Lancers below who could be your answer to a bit of shock and awe on the tabletop…

Ancient Iberians & Balearic Slingers Released By Victrix

133 days ago 10

Victrix have now added two more plastic sets to their collection for Ancient wargaming. The two sets consist of the Balearic Slingers and the Iberian Unarmoured Infantry so you can begin to bulk up your armies…