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The Successor Phalanx Lines Up From Victrix

20 hours ago 3

Victrix have now showed off some of the interesting looking designs for the Successor Phalanx to use in your Ancient Wargaming.

Weekender XLBS: GW Returning To Specialist Games?

Weekender XLBS: GW Returning To Specialist Games?

6 days ago 259

Join us for a relaxing Sunday
morning with The Weekender
XLBS where we’re chatting
about the revival of Specialist
Games From Games
Workshop and more…

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Watchful I Studios Build An Awesome Chinese Shrine

9 days ago 6

Watchful I Studios continue their jaunt through Medieval China with plans to make this Chinese Shrine or indeed administrative building ready for production towards the end of the month. See what you think…

The Mighty Armies Of Rome Go To War With Forged In Battle

13 days ago 5

Forged In Battle have some big plans for their Ancients range and this includes bringing the mighty forces to Rome to bear on the tabletop. With that in mind see what they had to say on the upcoming project below which will include a fundraiser on Kickstarter…

Ancient Macedonian Commanders Come Together From Victrix

14 days ago 3

Victrix have shown off the renders for the Ancient Macedonian Command that will be leading your units of Pikemen into battle during the age of Alexander the Great in the forging of his Empire…

Sword & Spear 2nd Edition Rules Out End Of November

17 days ago 10

Great Escape Games have opened up pre-orders for the 2nd Edition of Sword & Spear which will be available at the end of November. This is a rules set for playing out both Ancient and Medieval battles and shines when you’re looking at multiplayer games…

The Macedonian Pikemen Of Victrix Rank Up In Their Phalanx

23 days ago 3

Victrix have put together a little preview of their upcoming Macedonian Pikemen who would have ranked up with bristling spears out in front of them and a row of gleaming bronze shields facing the enemy…

Perry Previews New WIPs For ACW and Early British Napoleonics

31 days ago 6

Perry Miniatures gives us a look into some up coming release for the American Civil War and Early Napoleonic British troops.

Unboxing: Bolt Action Hanomag Plastic Box Set

39 days ago 17

The guys get stuck in with another Bolt Action unboxing, this time featuring the Hanomag Half Track Plastic Box Set for the German Army.

Victrix Don The Heavy Armour With New Samnite Plastic Kits

41 days ago 6

Victix have completed more digital sculpting for their upcoming Samnite range. This time they have some of the Armoured Samnites to show off complete with heavy breastplates and some rather ornate looking helmets…


Weekender XLBS: Pulp City Superheroes & Getting Into Naval Wargaming

41 days ago 125

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March Into Battle Alongside Schilling Figuren’s Dismounted Dragoons

45 days ago 4

Schilling Figuren’s have put together a set of metal miniatures for use with your Napoleonic battling. See what you think of their Dismounted Dragoons who come as a pack, as you can see below, and individually over on their website…

Naval Wargaming - An Introduction To Battles At Sea & Beyond

Naval Wargaming – An Introduction To Battles At Sea & Beyond

47 days ago 41

Simon Stokes takes us through the
history of Naval Battles both in history
and on the tabletop as well as giving
us a crash course in the games we
should take a look at…

Caesar’s Army Comes Marching In 15mm From Baueda

52 days ago 2

Baueda Wargames has gone to Indiegogo to help fund an amazing 15mm Roman Army.

Wargames Illustrated Pick Out Key Moments In History

54 days ago 6

Wargames Illustrated have started dusting off some of their miniatures to sell once again. The first of these enterprises to begin once more is their Moments In History range which includes a variety of different vignettes from different time periods showing off key points in time…