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Unboxing: Bolt Action Panzer IV Plastic Kit

2 days ago 13

Justin and John take a look at a plastic Panzer IV kit for Bolt Action which allows you to make one of three versions of this famous tank.

Unboxing: Bolt Action M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

17 days ago 13

Justin, John and John’s magnificent hat reminisce on their re-enactment days while taking a look at the M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer for Bolt Action from Warlord Games.

Portuguese Line Infantry Prepare to March in Black Powder

28 days ago 1

Warlord are following up on last year’s Waterloo and Peninsular British plastics for Black Powder with line infantry for the Napoleonic Portuguese, the three ups of which they are now showing off.

Unboxing: Victrix Ju87 G2 STUKA

30 days ago 25

Justin and John strap on their goggles and take to the skies to pilot the Ju87 G2 STUKA from Victrix.

More Metals for Waterloo Make War on Perry’s Workbench

31 days ago 5

Perry Miniatures may be hard at work with their sculpts for Peter Jackson’s diorama, but they still have a couple of pieces for their collection of cinematic Waterloo vignettes taking shape on their workbench.

Unboxing: Bolt Action British 25pdr Howitzer & Limber

31 days ago 13

Justin and John take a look at the British 25pdr Howitzer & Limber Kit from Warlord for their Bolt Action WWII game.

Charge Out With The Perry's Bavarian Chevauxlegers!

Charge Out With The Perry’s Bavarian Chevauxlegers!

59 days ago 12

See what you think of this
range of Bavarian cavalry
riding out of the Perry
Miniatures studio?

Do you think you’ll be
making a unit of them
on the tabletop?

Little Birds and Super Stallions Report to the Flight Line.

62 days ago 0

Assault Publishing has update their rules for additional airframes for their micro miniatures game, Hind Commander.

More Planes, Soldiers & Black Powder Coming From Victrix!

66 days ago 4

See how Victrix are shaping up with a look at their offerings coming your way in 2015! If you’re interested in Ancients, Napoleonics or even World War II they have you covered!

Battlefront Previews Nachtjäger.

68 days ago 7

Night combat has been a basis of military doctrine for decades and now you can bring it to the table in Flames of War with Nachtjäger.

German Veteran Grenadiers Previewed for Bolt Action

74 days ago 11

Warlords Games gives us a sneak peak into an upcoming release in the new year.

Perry Miniatures Give Bavarians New Horse Drawn Gear

81 days ago 1

The Bavarian army of 1809-1814 is now getting some new gear to bring with them to war as Perry Miniatures release their horse drawn limbers.

Weekender XLBS: Dragons & Wild Warhammer Fantasy Theories!

Weekender XLBS: Dragons & Wild Warhammer Fantasy Theories!

82 days ago 184

Happy Sunday! On this Weekender XLBS
we’re going to be discussing a whole
bunch of awesome stuff including John’s
new Backstage content he’s working on!

Weekender: Infamy Miniatures & Exploring The Witcher Board Game!

Weekender: Infamy Miniatures & Exploring The Witcher Board Game!

83 days ago 67

On this weeks Weekender
episode we’re going to
be having a look at
some awesome
Infamy miniatures
that we’ve been
sent in and
taking a look
inside The

The Germans Reporting for Duty in Grand Manoeuvre

88 days ago 6

Grand Manoeuvre has released their newest paper army for the Germans. Grab some paper and recreate Waterloo and see if Napoleon can achieve victory!