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Early Imperial Romans Coming Next From Victrix

28 days ago 10

Victrix have talked about their upcoming project for the Ancient period. They are now going to be tackling Early Imperial Romans starting with this one render to show the direction they are taking with their plastics.

Armoured & Unarmoured Samnites Band Together From Victrix

31 days ago 5

Victrix have some more Ancients plastics on the way for your gathering horde of warriors intent on battling the forces of Rome. See what you make of both their Armoured & Unarmoured Samnites who will be joining the battle at Salute…

Are You Not Entertained? New Gladiators Soon From Warhansa

38 days ago 0

Warhansa are looking towards the sands of the arena with their upcoming releases. Here you can see two of their Gladiators – Secutor & Retiarius.

Relic Miniatures Battle On With Republican Roman Cavalry

45 days ago 2

If you’re looking for some cavalry to charge forth and take out the ranged element of the enemy army and harass the flanks then see what you make of Relic Miniatures Republican Roman Cavalry.

Victrix Mount Up With The Ancient Iberian Cavalry

52 days ago 11

The next big unit are the Iberian Cavalry who are in the midst of charging into the massed ranks of the enemy to hopefully break them with a thunderous charge…

Charge Into Battle With Plastic French Lancers By Warlord

63 days ago 6

Warlord Games have come out with a new plastic kit for those of you wanting to add some cavalry to your Napoleonic French armies in Black Powder. See what you think of these French Line Lancers below who could be your answer to a bit of shock and awe on the tabletop…

Ancient Iberians & Balearic Slingers Released By Victrix

76 days ago 10

Victrix have now added two more plastic sets to their collection for Ancient wargaming. The two sets consist of the Balearic Slingers and the Iberian Unarmoured Infantry so you can begin to bulk up your armies…

Greek Warriors Fight Together From Nonsense Miniatures

88 days ago 2

Nonsense Miniatures have sent us some shots of one of their latest additions, the Greek Warrior Pack. These soldiers have been created to provide you with a Fantastical diorama so you could depict them as mythological warriors…

Flash Harry To Join Wargames Illustrated’s Giants In Miniatures Range

89 days ago 8

Wargames Illustrated have been working on another miniature for their Giants In Miniatures range and they have announced that Flash Harry has popped up for your Napoleonic gallivanting around a battlefield somewhere…

First Corps Ride Into Battle With Ancient Scythians & Sarmatians

103 days ago 0

Sticking with some more cavalry news today we have a look at a new addition to the Scythian & Sarmatian section of the First Corps webstore. They have now added this Light Cavalry Command option to their listings for those of you wanting to command some Ancient warriors.

The Numidian Cavalry Is Charging Out Of Victrix In 2016

131 days ago 4

Coming out towards the middle of 2016 we have the plastic Numidian Cavalry from Victrix which continues to supplement their growing Ancients range in 28mm. There’s some work still to do on these but they’re looking pretty good so far I reckon…

Three Days Left On The War & Empire Legions Of Rome Kickstarter

133 days ago 2

West Wind Productions and Forged In Battle are closing in on the last three days for their War & Empire II Kickstarter for the Legions Of Rome.

Weekender XLBS: Building Tanks, Hobby Rooms, Warbands & Legions Of Rome

Weekender XLBS: Building Tanks, Hobby Rooms, Warbands & Legions Of Rome

142 days ago 108

Welcome to a relaxed Sunday
morning where we get stuck
into a whole bunch of new
miniatures that caught our
attention over the week
and talk Hobby Time too…

Forged In Battle Welcome The Dacian Hordes To War & Empire II

144 days ago 1

The Forged In Battle range grows with the Dacians being added to the armies available through their War & Empire II Kickstarter to bring out both the Legions of Rome and their enemies. See what you think of these previewed warriors here in 15mm…

The Greek Hoplites From Victrix Enter A Bristling Phalanx

146 days ago 2

Victrix have shown off some of the final elements of their Ancient Greek range. The latest showing is of Hoplites with Corinthian helmets, probably the most well known designs from the period. This is the ‘tank’ like design of the Hoplite that I saw first in Horrible Histories and the like!