Warlord Plans The Invasion Of Britannia With New Romans

August 5, 2013 by brennon

Warlord Games have been adding to their range of Romans by bringing in some new Republican Roman Velites from Agema. You will then be able to invade Britannia with the new sourcebook for Hail Caesar.

Agema Roman Velite Box

Agema Velite

The Agema Velites would be a good fit for your existing Hail Caesar range and they were an integral part of the war effort within the Roman Empire. They were lightly armoured and quick, allowing them to harass the enemy forces then retreat, possibly drawing out the enemy and breaking formations.

Hail Caesar Britannia Supplement

This would be a perfect tactic against the unruly hordes pouring out of the hills to attack your loyal soldiers on the island of Britannia. This supplement is also out now and allows you to fight the battles from the invasion of our fair isle.

Will you be joining the Roman Empire?