More Concepts for the Folks of Blackwater Gulch

March 27, 2012 by brennon

Gangfight Games is going well with their Kickstarter and has far surpassed the target they were aiming for. So time to check out some more of the concept art and preview models that they have shown off for Blackwater Gulch…

Blackwater Gulch Concepts

A few of these you may have seen before, but the newest Prospector one is something I am waiting for with baited breath. Maybe it’s something to do with him looking a lot like a Dwarf?

Bloodwolf Concepts

These however are some new pieces for the Bloodwolf Native Tribe. I think this is going to prove a very interesting gang that could be very popular. Should add a nice contrast to the dusters and Stetsons of the other gangs.

The Wrassler

And talking of difference, how about this guy for your gang? The Wrassler looks like he knows how to handle that hammer, certainly not something you want to be on the other end of. Added to that the fact he looks like he is going out in his long-johns proves he really doesn’t care how he beats you up!

Liking the way Blackwater Gulch is going?