Eureka Cry Out for Some Heroes of the Dark Ages

September 20, 2012 by brennon

Eureka Miniatures are helping you tell those great Sagas of the Dark Ages with a new collection of 28mm Dark Age Heroes ready to lead your men into battle. Check out a preview below…

28mm Dark Age Heroes

These will become additions to the current Beowulf Range, allowing you to field a few more different characters both on horseback and with bow and arrow. By grabbing a few select miniatures from the range you could use them as character models for a warband, or even to just break up your collection with some new pieces.

I do enjoy a bit of Dark Age warfare, and have been spurred on even more by watching the new Vikings documentary on the BBC. It might actually make me turn my hand to a full Viking warband in SAGA and keep my Anglo-Saxons/Danes as a reserve!

Will you be picking up any of these Dark Age miniatures, either from the new selection or the rest of the Beowulf range?

Let me know below fellow Huscarls!