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The Perry’s French Dragoons Ride Onto The Sands Of Egypt

37 days ago 2

Perry Miniatures are growing the French In Egypt range with some more units of Dragoons on the way…

Napoleon Embraces The Egyptian Heat For Giants In Miniature Range

80 days ago 3

If you’re looking for an iteration of Napoleon in warmer climes then you can now pick up a version of him in the Desert thanks to Wargames Illustrated and their Giants In Miniature range.

Osprey Publishing To Release Napoleonic Skirmish Rules

80 days ago 21

Ever thought of having skirmish battles set in the Napoleonic War era? You might want to check out this new rulebook coming in December.

Battle For Hook’s Farm With Tin Soldier’s In Action At Docusim

83 days ago 4

Tin Soldiers In Action is appearing at Docusim in De Flint, Amersfoort this Saturday on the 17th of September.

Partizan & Cavalier Launch Tin Soldiers In Action Rulebook

107 days ago 4

Partizan Press and Cavalier Books have now launched their Tin Soldiers In Action Rulebook which aims to make games fun and and decisive for all players involved.

North Star Are Distributors For Siege Work’s Grand Battles Napoleon

158 days ago 2

North Star Military Figures has a new offering for all you historical gamers out there.

Prussian High Command Come To Life From Black Hussar

159 days ago 2

Black Hussar Miniatures have previewed some of their upcoming characters that will be commanding soldiers in the field during the Napoleonic period.

Westfalia Promises Saxon Light Cavalry On Horizon

164 days ago Comments Off

Looking to add some Saxons to your battle? Westfalia is showing off some Saxon Light Cavalry previews that will be the perfect new additions to your collection.

Perry Miniatures Sculpt Up 75mm Captain David Gregory

190 days ago 5

Delving back into their own family history the Perry Twins have now added a 75mm to their collection for sale. Here we have Captain David Gregory of the 45th Foot serving at the Battle of Talavera in 1809.

New Black Powder Waterloo Box Coming Soon From Warlord

192 days ago 4

Warlord Games have their sights set on a whole new Waterloo Box coming soon and they showed off the cover for it featuring artwork by Peter Dennis and some of the sculpts by Wojtek.

Charge Into Battle With Plastic French Lancers By Warlord

279 days ago 6

Warlord Games have come out with a new plastic kit for those of you wanting to add some cavalry to your Napoleonic French armies in Black Powder. See what you think of these French Line Lancers below who could be your answer to a bit of shock and awe on the tabletop…

Flash Harry To Join Wargames Illustrated’s Giants In Miniatures Range

304 days ago 8

Wargames Illustrated have been working on another miniature for their Giants In Miniatures range and they have announced that Flash Harry has popped up for your Napoleonic gallivanting around a battlefield somewhere…

Perry Previews New WIPs For ACW and Early British Napoleonics

403 days ago 6

Perry Miniatures gives us a look into some up coming release for the American Civil War and Early Napoleonic British troops.


Weekender XLBS: Pulp City Superheroes & Getting Into Naval Wargaming

414 days ago 125

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March Into Battle Alongside Schilling Figuren’s Dismounted Dragoons

417 days ago 4

Schilling Figuren’s have put together a set of metal miniatures for use with your Napoleonic battling. See what you think of their Dismounted Dragoons who come as a pack, as you can see below, and individually over on their website…