Eureka Miniatures Take on the Brits with the Mounted Arquebusiers

September 16, 2013 by dracs

Eureka Miniatures have a new unit ready to join the battles against the British taking place in the 18th century. The mounted men of the Arqubusiers de Grassin.

Mounted Arquebusiers de Grassin

This set of miniatures makes up a mounted scouting party of these Napoleonic soldiers, together with the famously flamboyant uniforms of the period. According to Eureka;

While the foot battalion are best known for their harassing of the English at Fontenoy 1745, the single mounted squadron present also proved their worth both before the battle as forward scouts and in the aftermath during the pursuit of the retreating British.

The miniatures have a nice variety of poses and seem pretty well done for the most part, although they could perhaps use a better paint job to show of the faces more.

Still they look like they would be a useful and highly mobile force, whether for recon or for harrying the enemy’s carefully assembled gun lines.

Do any of you play any wargames set in this period?

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