Gringo 40′s Release a Dandy King of Naples

November 17, 2013 by dracs

The November releases from Gringo 40′s are up and out, starting with a Napoleonic figure for Murat the “dandy” King of Naples.

Murat King of Naples

This 28mm sculpt would make a cool commander in your Napoleonic armies. I mean he’s mounted on a tiger skin, that’s like 19th century Pimp my Ride right there.

Then we leave the fields of Europe for the danger of the Wild West.

Onario Vignette

This set of 36mm sculpts is based on the famous last walk scene from the movie The Wild Bunch, capturing all the dramatic grandeur of a good ol’ western, perfect for painters and collectors.

Do you fancy riding with the king, or would you join the Wild Bunch on their last walk?

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