Play Cowboys and Indians in Gamecraft’s New Fort

October 5, 2012 by dracs

When your being chased by Injuns in the ol’ Wil’ West you sometimes need to find somewhere to wall up until help can arrive. Well this here Fort from Gamecraft Miniatures can provide just the safety you might be lookin’ for.

Gamecraft - Old West Fort

Gamecraft have just released this 28mm Fort which, though styled for the Wild West, could easily be included in a variety of games, from fantasy to sci-fi. Especially if it’s a sci-fi with space cowboys.

With artillery pieces looking to appear in Blackwater Gulch, this fort could be the perfect piece of kit to start running really cool siege battles, worthy of a classic old western.

How might you use this fort? Would you buy this or would you prefer to try and make one yourself?