SAGA Northern Fury Starter Warbands Ready for War

March 16, 2012 by brennon

Earlier we had news of the new expansion Rulebook for SAGA, Northern Fury. Well here are some shots of the Starter Warbands for the new factions. Check them out, fully painted below and see what you think. Which faction will you side with and battle for Dark Age Albion?


Anglo-Saxon Warband

Scot Warband…

Scot Warband

Breton Warband…

Breton Warband

Now you might be thinking ”where are the Jomsviking?” Well here are the Work-in-Progress models from Musketeer Miniatures for you to get shiny syndrome about.

Jomsviking Chieftain

Jomsviking #1

Jomsviking #3

Jomsviking #4

Great looking stuff from all of the warbands for Northern Fury. Certainly gives the right feeling about Dark Age combat and all the warriors have a very individual look about them. The real question is simply where to start with these?

Which warband will you pick?