The SAS Drive Out in Perry Miniature Jeeps

October 10, 2014 by dracs

Perry Miniatures have presented a couple of previews showing their upcoming SAS Jeeps which will soon be driving out into the heat of North Africa.

SAS Jeeps

SAS Jeeps

As you can read in the information Perry have provided in the images, these jeep sets will feature plenty of options to allow you to assemble them to fit whatever needs your army might have.

Even in this early stage of design, the model as a whole looks promising. It will definitely fit in as part of any British army desert force and I particularly like that a couple of the heads are shown with goggles and head covering cloth in order to deal with the sand while moving at speed.

Can any of you tell us more about the history of the SAS and their involvement in this particular area of WWII?

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