Get Your WWII Assault – Tactical Skirmish Combat On Now!

October 28, 2014 by stvitusdancern


WWII Assault – Tactical Skirmish Combat game from Mad Mitch’s Game is a new KickStarter campaign happening right now. In this game you are playing at the fire team or squad level and can be played with any scale miniatures.


Here is the interesting part the basic rule book is reportedly only 5 pages long and has a card based initiative system along with realistic moral and weapons factors. According to the games designer they are working with Wargames Factory and have the basic miniatures set for the Germans, Americans and Russians available as well so you can get playing right away.




As one who is always on the look out for new rules system, this one has my attention to see how it plays. If you are a WWII gamer I think you should jump in on it too and the cost is very reasonable for all.


Are you game? I am!

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