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The Brutal Brutalizer Bursts Out On HiTech’s Sculpting Bench


HiTech Miniatures have shown off their latest WiP, the Brutalizer Naagaar.

HiTech’s Fear Factory General Assembles Your Nightmares


It seems in the future even our fears will be mass produced as HiTech have revealed a new character model they are working on; the Fear Factory General.

A Disgusting Heavy Drone Flies Over Hitech Miniatures


Hitech Miniatures are releasing a new plague ridden flying machine, a heavy drone referred to as the Pupa.

Treachery Is Underway As HiTech Preview The Betrayer


HiTech Miniatures have previewed one of their next releases, a sinister hooded figure known only as The Betrayer.

Cultists & A New Space Knight On The Way From HiTech


HiTech Miniatures has shown off some new work-in-progress images of what they have in the pipeline for their Sci-Fi collection. They lead with some Monks who have been turned into Cultists.

Explorer Comecon Arrives Soon From HiTech Miniatures


Shuffling out of the collection from HiTech Miniatures they have previewed Explorer Comecon who looks like he would be at home aboard a ship drifting through the stars.

Golden Guard Trivion Stands Vigil From HiTech Miniatures


Guarding the throne room of a mighty Emperor, Golden Guard Trivion stands ever watchful. See what you think of one of the new characters from HiTech Miniatures.

Golden Guard Kaeselius Leads His HiTech Forces


Hi-Tech Miniatures has put together another character for your Sci-Fi battles in the far future with Golden Guard Kaeselius now ready to lead his warriors to victory.

HiTech’s Warrior Priests Hold The Congregation At Gun Point


HiTech Miniatures are working on a set of hooded and cloaked warrior priests to spread the doctrine of the gothic future.

Hi-Tech Miniatures’ Sothis Commands Her Flock


Hi-Tech Miniatures have added another of their strange Sci-Fi characters to their range, the Female Dominator known as Sothis.

NeoProspector Kadmon Sees Release From HiTech Miniatures Today


HiTech Miniatures have new high tech miniature on the way as they release their latest figure NeoProspector Kadmon.

Sanctifier Cornelius Graces Your Tabletop Soon From HiTech


Sanctifier Cornelius is the latest character coming to the tabletop from HiTech Miniatures.

HiTech See the Future of Soothsayer Sybilla


HiTech Miniatures have released a new miniature that differs from their usual power armoured techno-warriors, bringing with it the subtle power of clairvoyance. Seek the future from Soothsayer Sybilla.

HiTech Send Out The ArchFather Of Their Sci-Fi Spartans


The legendary leader of the Spartans, King Leonidas, has been spruced up for the far future by HiTech Miniatures, with the release of their latest 28mm miniature. Follow the lead of ArchFather Leonidas.

Sandoval Kain Hunts for Witches at HiTech Miniatures


HiTech Miniatures have decided to do something about all those witches in the far future and have sent out Sandoval Kain to bring them to justice by blade and gun, and he has plenty of both.

Get to Know Horatio, HiTech Miniatures’ New Negotiator


Sometimes battle might not be the wisest move. Sometimes you just have to negotiate, and when those times come it is even better to negotiate with a laser gun over one shoulder. Such is the case with HiTech Miniatures’ latest model, Negotiator Horatio.

Take Command With Erebus From Hitech Miniatures!


Is your command lack in presence? Do your troops need someone to look up to? Then you might want to consider Erebus, from Hitech Miniatures.

Odinn The All-Father Takes Command Of HiTech Miniatures


HiTech Miniatures are worshiping the All-Father with their latest miniature coming to lord it up alongside a whole bunch of Space Vikings.

HiTech’s Kesetron Becomes One With The Machine


See what you think of another new addition to the HiTech Miniatures line-up. Kesetron is quite the looker in my opinion!

Spread Word Of The Dark Future Thanks To HiTech Miniatures


Hear the word of your leaders and gods thanks to HiTech and their new orator Hemaxis.