UPDATE: Hobby Lab Is Moving To Mondays… Barring Connection Problems

July 18, 2014 in Backstage Promo, Hobby Lab, Painting & Hobby by lloyd

Hobby Lab Is Moving To Mondays

The title says it all really! We are moving Hobby Lab from every other Friday and shifting it by a few day to every other Monday.

We think Monday will be a great new slot for Hobby Lab which will allow people to gather up any materials they may need to recreate projects from the show during the week to try out the ideas at the weekend, maybe while watching The Weekender!

Watch out for the next episode on Monday where Lloyd is going to show you techniques for creating palm trees perfect for the wargaming table.

UPDATE: Unfortunately we are currently experiencing some connectivity issues which are interrupting our attempts to upload the show. This might mean that the show will be going out this Tuesday instead. We’re sorry for any disappointment due to this, but we are currently working on the issue and will bring you hobby lab if it kills us!

UPDATE 2: The Internet connection is up and running again and the latest episode is now live.

In the meantime checkout any episodes you may have missed…