Fancy Some Realistic Fantasy Coins For The Tabletop?

July 16, 2014 by brennon

Ever needed some cool looking counters for board games, role-playing games and indeed wargaming? I know most of us have been in that sticky situation and maybe these awesome looking realistic Fantasy Coins are the answer!

Fantasy Coin Pile

This pile of coins that has been hand crafted using old techniques would be fantastic for use as counters in games like Cutlass! of course to mark treasure and such and any other fantasy game you can think of! While it might be easier to just use dice sometimes I think the feel of these and look of them on the tabletop would make things so much more dynamic!

Fantasy Coins with Money Box

Of course one of the big uses for these coins would be with LARPing so if you fancy playing the role of the Merchant this could well be the big haul you’ve been looking for. It’s certainly quite the vanity item for us tabletop gamers but they look very cool and I think would make a few games pop.

What do you think?