Could Lasers Solve Our Gaming Measurement Problems?

September 25, 2013 by dracs

We’ve all been there. We try to get in close to our miniatures with our tape measures and suddenly our finely painted master pieces are scattered everywhere by our clumsy hands. Well a solution has appeared on our forums, one which involves Warren’s second favourite thing in the whole world. Lasers!


The LightRanger is a new idea which is currently in the early prototype stages. The idea is that lasers are used to mark out two points on the table, in much the same way as we would use a normal tape measure. The difference is that the lasers mean we don’t have to get down close to the models where we inevitably knock stuff over. It’s a simple idea and one which I am surprised we haven’t really seen so far.


At the moment the LightRanger is still in the initial prototype stages and its creator Brad is currently finding out the level of interest and gathering feedback and may be attending Fall-In 2013 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this November to show off the prototype. According to Brad he will be deciding whether or not to go forwards with this in the next 6 months.

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