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Howling Ghetorix & A Writhing Hellmouth Coming To Hordes

2 days ago 8

Privateer Press have shown off two more units coming your way in the near future for Hordes. We kick things off with Circle Orboros and the howling Ghetorix…

Hordes & Warmachine Two Player Battle Boxes Arriving In August

3 days ago 14

With a release date of August this year you’ll soon be able to pick up your Two Player Battle Boxes for both Warmachine & Hordes by Privateer Press.

Privateer Press Add Warmachine & Hordes Rules Up For Download

9 days ago 5

The rules for both Warmachine & Hordes have been added to the Privateer Press website for you to download FOR FREE.


Warmachine & Hordes Lock & Load Outpost Live Blog (MK III Demo Game Today!)

16 days ago 42

We’re back covering more from Warmachine & Hordes and Justin and Ben settle in for the Lock & Load Outpost hosted at the Northwest Gaming Centre!

Weekender - 6 Kick Ass D&D Giants & Win Horus Heresy Steam Keys

Weekender – 6 Kick Ass D&D Giants & Win Horus Heresy Steam Keys

16 days ago 113

Join us for another Saturday or positive discussion, a leap into the world of wargaming news and an interview with Nomad Games on their new Talisman game…

Warmachine and Hordes EU Masters Live Blog

Warmachine & Hordes EU Masters Championship 2016 Live Blog!

36 days ago 146

You could WIN one of three MK III Battlegroup
Boxes by commenting on the live blog!

Weekender: Win A Copy Of This War Of Mine & Battlegroup Chat

Weekender: Win A Copy Of This War Of Mine & Battlegroup Chat

37 days ago 344

Warren’s back from honeymoon and needs catching up on the world of tabletop wargaming…

Call On The Spirituality Of The Bog Trog Mist Speaker In Hordes

44 days ago 1

The world of Hordes isn’t to be left out this May with the coming of the Bog Trog Mist Speaker who looks like they have embraced all manner of shamanistic powers from Privateer Press…

How Big Of A Fan Are You For Warmachine and Hordes?

53 days ago 2

Are you ready for the next edition of Warmachine and Hordes? This might tempt you a little more.

The Hordes Primal Preview Pops Up From Privateer Press

60 days ago 19

A preview of Hordes: Primal has popped up explaining what’s going to be inside the pages of this new tome from Privateer Press. Take a look at the impressive cover too…

Community Painting Picks – Kingdom Death, Warmahordes & Goblin Raiders

60 days ago 17

Come and join us for another round of Community Painting Picks where we delve into the weird with Kingdom Death…and the monstrous creations of Warmachine & Hordes.

Weekender: New Warmachine & Hordes Rules - Privateer Press Interviewed!

Weekender: New Warmachine & Hordes Rules – Privateer Press Interviewed!

65 days ago 65

We’re a bit knackered after Salute
but we’re still here to share some
tabletop gaming goodness
with you all!

Mennes' Mini Mashups: Convergence of Cyriss' Re-Imagined

Mennes’ Mini Mashups: Convergence of Cyriss’ Re-Imagined

66 days ago 11

Mr Mennes is back to join us in the studio once more with the Convergence of Cyriss from Privateer Press.


Warmachine & Hordes New Editions & New Starter Sets!

76 days ago 85
The Mennes Mini Mashup - TrollBloods Kitbash Part 2

Mennes’ Mini-Mashup: TrollBloods Kitbash – Part 2

87 days ago 7

Tomas Mennes is back with us in the studio to show us Part Two of his amazing Trollblood mash-up!