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Privateer Give Inside Scoop On Kromac, Saeryn & Rhyas From Lock N’ Load

19 days ago 7

The very impressive ‘pair’ of Warlocks from the Lock N’ Load Hordes 10th Anniversary Set are a spectacular looking diorama but they also have a use in battle. See what Privateer Press have to say about using them both in your games…

New Privateer Press Exclusives Available At Lock N’ Load 2015

26 days ago 5

Privateer Press have put together a nice selection of Lock N’ Load Exclusive kit that you can pick up over the weekend. See what you think of the massive amount of neat kit including a special set to mark Ten Years Of Hordes…

Bow Before Zaal Or Be Run Over By A Meat Thresher In Hordes!

27 days ago 9

Privateer Press have also shown off a pair of Hordes releases that will be coming soon. Not only have they looked at the mysterious minds behind Skorne but also a very awesome Farrow driven machine…

Q&A Time: Iron Kingdoms Unleashed With Privateer's Matt Goetz

Q&A Time: Iron Kingdoms Unleashed With Privateer’s Matt Goetz

28 days ago 16

Community member bintykins got to chat
with Matt Goetz, the RPG Producer at
Privateer Press, and asked him a few
questions about Iron Kingdoms Unleashed
and what you can expect from the game!

If you’re new to role-playing games this
could be the adventure for you…

Retribution of Scyrah All-In-One Army Box To Be Released

28 days ago 3

Privateer Press has announced their next release in the All-In-One army box sets.

Privateer Press Partners With Broken Egg Games For Display Boards

29 days ago 4

Privateer Press and Broken Egg Games have partnered to release the first officially licensed display boards for WARMACHINE & HORDES. Any gamer would be proud to have their army carried in on one of these trays.

Unboxing: Hordes Skorne All-In-One Army Box

43 days ago 9

We have another epic sized Privateer Press Unboxing as Justin swaps the Focus of Warmachine for the Fury of Hordes and unleashes upon us the Skorne All-in-One Army Box.

Explore The Brutal Skorne Empire With Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Book

49 days ago 1

New warbeasts to train, mighty monsters to slay and a whole new society to explore are all part of Skorne Empire coming soon to Iron Kingdoms Unleashed.

The Gribbly Aradus Soldier & Sentinel Scuttle Into Hordes For Skorne

54 days ago 11

Two new big warbeasts are now available for Skorne and the world of Hordes. There’s something of the Zerg about them!

Get Extreme With The Dire Troll Mauler For Hordes

54 days ago 4

A massive Dire Troll Mauler is wading its way onto the battlefield from Privateer Press and it looks like an utter beast of a model!

Delve Into The Undercity With New Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game!

Delve Into The Undercity With New Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game!

55 days ago 23

Are you going to be brave enough
to join the Black River Irregulars
in The Undercity Adventure Board
Game from Privateer Press and
go delving into the dark?

The Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Rulebook Is Now Available

65 days ago 5

Consider picking up the new Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG Core Rulebook from Privateer Press which is now available!

Bintykin’s First Warmachine Battle Report: Cryx Vs Khador

75 days ago 54

Community member bintykins takes on the task of covering her first ever Battle Report for Warmachine where she takes on the might of Khador with her Cryx force led by Warwitch Deneghra.

The Extreme Carnivean Of Everblight Roars Into Life For Hordes

76 days ago 10

See what kind of extreme beast has been bought to life by the Legion of Everblight by Privateer Press.

Hordes Gets New Wild Miniatures & Cheeky Gremlin Swarms

82 days ago 7

See what new fun stuff is coming your way for Hordes as Privateer Press show of proud-looking sand striders with the Efaarit and then cheeky Gremlins too!