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The Blightbringer Slithers Into The World Of Hordes For Everblight

13 days ago 8

Privateer Press have delved into the world of Hordes once more for the Legion of Everblight and dragged the Blightbringer out from the depths to fight on the battlefield…

Go Loud With The Pyg Bushwhacker For Hordes

19 days ago 2

Coming next week from Privateer Press we have an addition to the Trollblood arsenal with the Pyg Bushwhacker Officer & Mortar which a unit attachment for use in Hordes…

The Wild & The Bloody Come To Privateer’s Hordes

42 days ago 4

Privateer Press have also been working hard on more for Hordes in the coming weeks. Circle Orboros are getting themselves a Bloodweaver Night Witch and the armies of Skorne get both the Extoller Advocate and Legends of Halaak…

Unboxing: Battle Foam Eco Box

42 days ago 13

Warren sits down with Justin to go through another unboxing…of a box! We’re taking a look at the Eco Box from Battle Foam.

Privateer Press Call On Cryx’s Shrike To Hunt Their Prey

42 days ago 2

Privateer Press have shown off another of their upcoming Bonejacks for Cryx in Warmachine. The Shrike is a deadly predator and while it isn’t as big and bulky as some of the other Warjacks in other factions it fits into the style of Cryx – a lithe and deadly hunter.

Huge Everblight Beast Spotted On The Horizon For Hordes

45 days ago 13

Muse On Minis spotted a rather awesome render for an upcoming Legion of Everblight model that is due around January next year for Hordes. As you can see it is fairly huge and probably belongs amongst the other Gargantuans that Privateer Press have been working on…

The Death Wolves Bring Savage Anger To Hordes

48 days ago 5

Privateer Press have also announced that Hordes is going to be getting a new set in the coming weeks. The Death Wolves for Circle Orboros are wild and savage warriors each with their own expertise. The unit kit itself makes three characters…

Unboxing: Battle Foam Privateer Press Tournament Bag

50 days ago 11

Warren joins Justin to check out a limited edition Privateer Press Tournament Bag from Battle Foam perfect for transporting your armies far and wide. We’ve got “Khador Red” and “Cygnar Blue” to look at but which colour will the guys opt for?

Grab The Hordes & Warmachine Rules For Free

97 days ago 13

The rules for both Hordes and Warmachine are Now Free from Privateer Press. Copies of the core rules are available for both versions of their game with the faction specific books still available to buy online…

The Frost King & More Come To Hordes In Devastation

102 days ago 9

Privateer Press have shown off some of the new models coming to Hordes in the wake of Devastation. One of the big focal points is for the Trollbloods with The Frost King. There’s also a nice smattering of different releases for other factions too…

Weekender: Team Yankee & The Bolt Action Summer Offensive

Weekender: Team Yankee & The Bolt Action Summer Offensive

110 days ago 123

Learn The Rules Of The Undercity With Privateer Press

121 days ago 6

Privateer Press are going to be bringing The Undercity along with them to Gen Con this year for demos. Above is a gameplay tutorial showing you how to begin playing the game and some of the basics and you can find a copy of the full rules to download HERE too.

Hordes Blindwater Brew Witch Doctor Coming To Gen Con

126 days ago 4

If you want another convention exclusive Gen Con model from Privateer Press then see what you think of the Blindwater Brew Witch Doctor who will be available at the event and online via the webstore during the massive four days of gaming.

Face Devastation With Upcoming Hordes Book

137 days ago 14

Privateer Press have shown off yet another big book for the future of Hordes called Devastation alongside an Extreme Feral Warpwolf for all you folks who just aren’t happy with the regular old angry Warpwolf…

Command Your Brigades with New Farrow Warlord For Hordes

139 days ago 4

In additional model goodness from Privateer Press we have the Farrow Brigand Warlord for Hordes. This is a real step up in quality and detail for the Farrow I think and he’s looking awesome…