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Bintykin’s First Warmachine Battle Report: Cryx Vs Khador

9 days ago 53

Community member bintykins takes on the task of covering her first ever Battle Report for Warmachine where she takes on the might of Khador with her Cryx force led by Warwitch Deneghra.

The Extreme Carnivean Of Everblight Roars Into Life For Hordes

11 days ago 10

See what kind of extreme beast has been bought to life by the Legion of Everblight by Privateer Press.

Hordes Gets New Wild Miniatures & Cheeky Gremlin Swarms

17 days ago 7

See what new fun stuff is coming your way for Hordes as Privateer Press show of proud-looking sand striders with the Efaarit and then cheeky Gremlins too!

Learn How To Control Your Warbeasts In Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

17 days ago 0

Have you ever considered becoming a Warlock in the world of Hordes by Privateer Press? The Unleashed version of Iron Kingdoms can certainly do that but with great power over Warbeasts comes great responsibility…

Weekender XLBS: Hobby Time & Prepping For Warzone!

Weekender XLBS: Hobby Time & Prepping For Warzone!

22 days ago 118

Happy Sunday! We’re delving into
how much we were caught out by
April Fools Day earlier in the week
and then making sure we get
serious where we talk about
the changes coming to
Warhammer: Visions
according to Games Workshop…

Unboxing: Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit

25 days ago 4

Justin and Sam venture up the river as they unpack the Adventure Kit for the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed role-playing game from Privateer Press.

Get Inside The Mind Of Knor From Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

27 days ago 0

Have a read of the story behind Knor, the right hand man to Morrg in the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG Adventure Kit. It’s quite interesting seeing how blurred the lines between bad guy and good guy are in this world!

Warmachine: What Keeps Me Coming Back?

30 days ago 82

What brings you back to your favourite game? Bintykins talks us through what brings her back to Warmachine and Hordes time and time again. Find out inside and let us know what drags you in again and again!

Checking Out The Mighty Gullin From Iron Kingdoms Unleashed!

31 days ago 2

It’s time to take a look at possibly the coolest looking Iron Kingdoms Unleashed character from Privateers Press’ latest Adventure Kit release. See what you think of the funky Pygmy Troll Gullin Oathbreaker…

Talking Tactics In Warmachine – Where To Begin?

37 days ago 24

Warmahordes is one of those games where your choice of tactics can mean the life or death of your Warcaster/Warlock from the very beginning of the game. With a tough set of tips to get your head around where is the best place to start?

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit Releases!

38 days ago 7

The Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit is now available from Privateer Press! Head off into the wilds and start making strange fetish totems and doing weird blood rituals!

My First Wargame – Diving Into The World Of Warmachine

44 days ago 39

It’s a big thing diving into the world of hobbyists and gaming but community member bintykins has done just that with Warmachine! Find out how she came to be addicted to all things Warmahordes within!

Take Control As A Chieftain In The Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG

44 days ago 5

Delve into another character for the world of the Iron Kingdoms RPG with a look at the Chieftain for Unleashed. If you like commanding your brothers in battle this could be the career for you.

An Extremely Angry Titan Gladiator Smashes Its Way Into Hordes

44 days ago 8

Grab yourself a massive elephant and have an extreme time of it with the new Skorne Titan Gladiator from Privateer Press!

New Hordes Plastic Tharn Wolf Riders Are Sent On The Hunt

45 days ago 7

A howl sounds in the night as more Tharn Wolf Riders pour onto the battlefields of Hordes from Privateer Press!