A Con Exclusive & Slinking Striders Appear For Hordes!

August 6, 2014 by brennon

Not to be outdone by Warmachine the world of Hordes from Privateer Press is also getting a whole bunch of releases in the near future. Helga the Conqueror, Strider Blightblades and Strider Rangers are coming soon!

Helga the Conquerer

First up we have Helga the Conqueror who is the embodiment of the phrase ‘not over until the robust farrow sings’. Ok I may have tweaked that saying a bit but I think that would fit well into the world of Warmahordes don’t you? She’s an awesome miniature and I love that her shield is also a cannon!

Strider Blightblades

Strider Rangers

Skulking through the shadows we have the Strider Blightblades and Rangers that are, once again, a nice miniature set and they do very much show off one of the things that I think hits after a while playing Warmahordes. Hordes is just better (in my opinion at least!) in terms of miniatures and rule tweaks!

Blighted Bather Con Exclusive

Continuing the Gen Con information explosion we have a peek at the Blighted Bather which will be the Hordes Con Exclusive from Privateer press and certainly continues the tradition of their pin-up style creations.

Will you be adding these sets to your collection and answer below, Warmachine or Hordes?

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