Gatormen, Bloodseers & Runeshapers Head For Hordes!

May 9, 2014 by brennon

Not to be outdone by the Cephalyx some of the Hordes factions are getting tweaked miniature sets from Privateer Press. See what you think of the Gatormen Posse, Trollkin Runeshapers and Nephilim Bloodseer

Gatorman Posse

“Among the most formidable warriors of all the savage races, gatormen augment their natural battle prowess with brutal strength and oversized weapons. The barest scent of blood drives them into a killing frenzy, and a single gatorman can slay several men in a few gore-splattered seconds. Gatormen have no qualms about fighting for any master as long as they are provided with steel weapons and ample food.”

Trollkin Runeshapers

“Runeshapers are among the most formidable trollkin sorcerers, having learned to manipulate stone by the power of their will. At a runeshaper’s call, rune-carved rocks rise in the air around them. Heavy stones fly at foes with deadly force while the earth itself trembles around them, bringing would-be attackers to their knees.”

Nephilim Bloodseer

“The bloodseers are a potent breed of nephilim, perfectly attuned to the dragon’s blight. The power of the dragon surrounds these creatures, who wield it with frightening ease. As they glide among the Legion’s armies, they summon the blighted essence from within their fellow spawn to bolster their brethren or their own attacks as necessary.”

All of these are now plastic kits and the first two sets come with the same cards for use in the game. By that logic I think that the Bloodseer is a new plastic figure for the Legion and while it’s cool I just can’t get over those rather weird wings.

The Minion factions are growing in popularity at the moment with a few people considering them for a Journeyman League this summer at my local store. I do like the look of those neat Gatormen!

What do you think?

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