Lock Horns With New Satyrs For Hordes!

November 14, 2013 by brennon

Privateer Press are layering on the upcoming releases for Hordes with a look at some new additions to the world of Circle Orboros. See what you think of the Satyrs that are storming through the woods to charge your foes.

Gnarlhorn Satyr

Rip Horn Satyr

Shadowhorn Satyr

Each of these is a plastic model with horns ready to smash apart anything that stands in your way, Warjacks beware. You can see the Gnarlhorn, Rip Horn and Shadowhorn above each in various martial poses.

I think that I’m the biggest fan of the Gnarlhorn simply because of the low, charging pose and the dynamic hands, as if he is ready to tackle something into the ground.

Some great additions to the Circle line?