The Northkin Storm Down From The Mountains For Hordes

September 8, 2017 by brennon

Once again in a splash of spoilery previews (Party Foul) for the world of Privateer Press’ Hordes, we have some new renders and figures from the upcoming Northkin release, bolstering the Trollbloods.

Northkin #2

Much like with the previews that popped up for the Trenchers earlier today we’re getting a look at some fantastic new models which go down the route of a very themed force for you to use on the tabletop. Would could say no to this mix of Nordic and Gaelic traditions on Trolls?

As well as a new set of models which will come together as a unit like you can see here we’re also seeing some new character models too which will act as Solos and Warlocks for the force going forward.

Northkin #3

It’s nice to see more of these fringe factions being brought to the front by Privateer Press for Hordes and indeed Warmachine as it gives gamers a lot more choice when it comes to building their forces.

Northkin #1

Something about the Trollbloods has always appealed to me. It might be the mix of themes and aesthetics but I think it’s the actual characters themselves who don’t appear to take themselves too seriously like some of the other factions in the world.

Northkin #4

All of the models have a sort of savage charm about them and it might be the same thing that drives people to like characters like Drax and Groot in Guardians Of The Galaxy for example.

I guess they are all well meaning but terrifying individuals!

What do you think?

"I think it's the actual characters themselves who don't appear to take themselves too seriously like some of the other factions in the world..."

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