Hordes’ Una The Skyhunter Available In Special Box November 4th!

October 12, 2016 by brennon

Come November 4th Privateer Press will release Una The Skyhunter in a Special Edition Box so all you fans of Circle Orboros will have something fancy to add to your collection.

Una The Skyhunter

Una The Skyhunter takes the existing model for Una in her Falconer guise and updates her for the tabletop with a fancy sculpt. You can see the original below…

Una The Falconer

This marks another upgrade from Solo to Warlock in the world of Hordes giving characters their time in the sun. I think the new model looks great and it’s almost like she’s picked up a new tier of gear in an MMORPG!

Will you be picking up Una The Skyhunter?

"...it's almost like she's picked up a new tier of gear in an MMORPG!"

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