The Star Spawn Joins the Side of Cthulhu in Cthulhu Wars

May 6, 2013 by dracs

More gribbly creations continue to slither out of the depths of Lovecraft’s mind for Cthulhu Wars. Now is the time to quake in fear at the approach of the Great Star Spawn!

Cthulhu Wars - The Great Star Spawn

So far I think the Cthulhu Wars miniatures are shaping up to be some of the best Lovecraftian inspired models in the market and the Great Star Spawn here does nothing to contradict that view.

It’s nightmarish, malformed and utterly horrifying. Don’t you just love it? It will be joining the faction of Cthulhu and I hope that we can soon see some of the other factions soon.

To top things off we can now get a better idea of the scale of the Cthulhu miniature thanks to this post where it is held by the man himself, Sandy Peterson.

Sandy Peterson With Cthulhu

I don’t know which is more terrifying, the Cthulhu mini or the all-knowing grin of Sandy Peterson.

Do you fancy serving the old ones in Cthulhu Wars?

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