Secret Weapon Empty Out a Sack O’ Corpses

June 7, 2013 by dracs

Wargames is a bloody business. Limbs fly and dismembered bodies lie everywhere, and that’s just the players. But soon you won’t actually have to go out and kill someone to achieve that affect as Secret Weapon have previewed the contents of their upcoming Sack O’ Corpses.

Secret Weapon Sack o Corpses

So far we are led to believe that these are just a small selection of what will be included in Secret Weapon’s sack and that we can look forward to the rest appearing soon.

These assorted body parts are a useful addition to your modelling kit, providing the pieces for dioramas, decorative bases and conversions. It looks as if Secret Weapon have done a pretty good job in creating the mangled collection. One can only hope that their research wasn’t too extensive.

What are your thoughts on Secret Weapon’s mauled remains?