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Bunnies vs Zombies Gets the Axe

1076 days ago 11

The Kickstarter project by Ninja Division, Bunnies vs Zombies has been cancelled as last of last night.

Cool Mini or Not and Army Painter Bring Colour to Zombicide

1187 days ago 1

The Army Painter have announced that they are partnering with Cool Mini or Not and Kvasir Innovations to bring out some custom paint sets for Guillotine Games’ board game Zombicide.

Bodge Together Zombies & Goblins in Privateer’s New Game

1231 days ago 2

The Bodgers of Privateer Press return in their latest board game installment. This time those gobbo engineers must use their mechanical know how to fight off the living dead in Zombies Keep Out!

Pig Iron Production Spreads the Infection

1279 days ago 2

Whether it be a zombie plague or just a plain old super virus the shambling infected are no stranger to our gaming tables, especially now that Pig Iron Productions are bringing us some new sets of these unfortunates. Pig Iron currently have two sets of these available, with promises of more to come. While not [...]

Waits In Grave Tease More Artwork For Upcoming Game

1296 days ago 1

See what you think of more sneak peek artwork for Waits in Graves upcoming project. It will be interesting trying to work out what this one is!

Telltale Tease The Walking Dead Season Two!

1300 days ago 0

If you were able to dive into the first season of The Walking Dead then this next one from Telltale Games is well worth a look. See what you think of their hype-heavy trailer.

Studio Miniatures Send Survivors to Face the Zombie Horde

1302 days ago 1

A new group of survivors have escaped from Studio Miniatures and are now available for you to bring against your hordes of zombies.

The Class of Crooked Dice Teach Zombies a Lesson

1316 days ago 4

With Halloween fast approaching it is time for some more British zombie fun with Crooked Dice’s expansion to the game 7ombieTV, For Ghouls and Colleges. Now a whole load more of the rowdy girls of St Searle’s Foundation for Young Women are joining the fight.

Grumpy Old Wargamers - Mega Zombie Death Game!

Grumpy Old Wargamers – Mega Zombie Death Game!

1374 days ago 9

So guys we’ve been looking through the BoW vaults and have dug up a video that we missed during the Grumpy Old Wargamers Convention and here it
is in all its glory and horror.

Z War One Promotes Zombie Game With Short Film

Z War One Promotes Zombie Game With Short Film

1378 days ago 15

Check out Z War One: Extraction then wait for the Kickstarter on this role-playing horror filled board game.

Nord Games Unleash The Tiny Zombie Hordes!

1388 days ago 2

Dive into a world filled with Tiny Zombies and see if you can survive as this game hits Kickstarter.

Gen Con Welcomes Wargames Factory’s Female Z-Hunters

1396 days ago 4

What do you think of these new Female Zombie Survivors from Wargames Factory? Are they just right for your apocalyptic gaming?

Guillotine Games Show Off Their Professional Killer

1402 days ago 3

Check out another character that should be coming to Zombicide in 2014 thanks to Guillotine Games.

Guillotine Games Make You Scared Of Clowns Again

1405 days ago 5

Check out this creepy looking clown from Guillotine Games. Will you be looking to avoid him?

The Zombie Hordes Pour Out Of Clockwork Goblin

1414 days ago 2

Check out the mass hordes of zombies descending on your tabletop from Clockwork Goblin.