Wayland Games Announce New Game Studio/Publisher

April 16, 2013 by warzan

So a press release has went out announcing that Wayland Games are establishing a new (and separate) Games Studio/Publisher, and have signed a deal with Well Forged Films/Blitz Games Studios to bring a new game HOX to our tabletop.

We have a few little pieces of concept art to keep us guessing, but I’m told by those ‘establishing the studio’ not to expect anything for some months as the whole thing is still in its infancy.

However that doesn’t stop us from doing the customary… Making Demands, Wishlists and Keyboard Warrior threats if the game does not follow our particular whims ;)

Press release below with some pretty cool looking art…

Well Forged Films & Wayland Games to Develop Tabletop Games

Well Forged Films and Wayland Games are proud to announce their partnership to produce a range of tabletop games based on their own original IP.

Their first collaborative project, codenamed HOX, incorporates sci-fi and horror elements to bring an intense and fun game to the tabletop.

Hox Art

Brian Hassan, Head of Film Production, Well Forged Films: “I’m a huge fan of board and miniature gaming, so the chance to work with a pedigree such as Wayland Games is like a dream come true for me. The crossovers between our creative industries are obvious but rarely utilised – with this partnership and with project HOX in particular, we want to bring players the absolute best in tabletop gaming, with a very real game universe, rich in detail and bursting with personality, fantastic story-driven gameplay and of course, a beautifully crafted miniatures series.”

Richard Lawford, Managing Director, Wayland Games Ltd: “I’m super excited to be involved in this project, and I’m looking forward to the collaboration between ourselves and the amazing team over at Well Forged Films and Blitz Games Studios. Work is underway in setting up the studio and finding the best and brightest minds, skills and technologies to be part of this exciting experience.”

Hox Art

Hox Art

Well forged Films:
Established by Blitz Games Studios as part of its cutting-edge work in creating innovative and dynamic productions, Well Forged Films is a production company that aims to bring exciting and original content to the silver screen and television. Drawing on the expertise of a wide range of individuals from right across the creative industries, including computer games, screen writing, filming, model making, advertising and, of course, film production, Well Forged Films is committed to creating the very best interactive entertainment based on its own IP.

Wayland Games:
2013 marks the start of an exciting new chapter in the growth of Wayland Games Ltd. Since coming online in August 2008, Wayland Games has grown to become the world’s largest independent retailer of tabletop gaming products. Based in Hockley Essex, their HQ hosts not only warehousing and distribution facilities, but also a massive gaming events centre and dedicated video production studio. Wayland Games offer the widest selection of tabletop gaming products in the industry and strives to offer both great value and great service to all its customers and partners. This year we are establishing new separate entity in our family of companies; a state of the art games development and publishing studio to bring amazing tabletop games to gaming fans all over the world. Utilising the very best techniques and technologies we aim to empower our developers to unleash their creativity and invent some of the best gaming experiences seen so far in this industry.

Hox Art

Hox Art

So exciting times ahead, if your interested in contacting the as yet unnamed ‘studio’ to enquire about Jobs, Play testing, Having them Publish your Game etc. then drop an email to studio@waylandgames.co.uk. Other than that, post your thoughts below and we can get a chat about them on this weeks weekender.

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