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Subject Zero Features As New Preview For Cyberpunk Human Interface


Human Interface, in the wake of its successful Kickstarter, shows off a preview of an upcoming model to add into their Cyberpunk world.


Weekender XLBS: What’s Your Next Big Project?


Welcome to Backstage where we
relax, talk about what hobby we’ve
been up to and discuss some topics
maybe you’d like to feedback on.

Be A Better Human With New HINT Kickstarter


Human Interface is back on the tabletop from Post-Industrial Games and sees them exploring those cooperative and competitive Cyberpunk board game world once again with new characters and new objectives to face.

A New Skirmish Mode Comes To Cyberpunk HINT


The world of HINT is coming back to the world of Kickstarter with a new skirmish game mode called Be A Better Human.

A Black Site Response Team Gets Called In For HINT


The team behind Human Interface: Nakamura Tower is previewing more of what lies ahead for their Cyberpunk world. Here we have a Black Site Response Team member…

Weekender XLBS: New CMON Song Of Ice & Fire Minis Game + Win Yourself 4Ground Goodies

Weekender XLBS: New CMON Song Of Ice & Fire Minis Game + Win Yourself 4Ground Goodies


New Augmented Cyberpunk HINT Characters Previewed


Three new characters, previously seen in artwork, have now been rendered up to be shown off by Post-Industrial Games, the folks behind Human Interface: Nakamura Tower.

The Bomber Girls Gang & Cyborgs Come To HINT


It looks like the future is bright for the future of Human Interface: Nakamura Tower as they showed off some interesting new characters for their new gang. See what you think of the characters for the Bomber Girls…

New Models, Accessories & More For Human Interface: Nakamura Tower


Postindustrial Games, the makers of Human Interface: Nakamura Tower, have put together a selection of new releases for you to snap up. Miniatures, terrain pieces, and accessories are now available.

The HINT Team Look Towards Their Cyberpunk Future


The minds behind Human Interface: Nakamura Tower is now looking towards their future range and showed off a few previews at Essen Spiel this weekend.