More Cyberpunk Personalities Take Shape For HINT

July 26, 2015 by brennon

Human Interface: Nakamura Tower, the Cyberpunk boardgame, continues to gather pace and with that we have three more painted examples to show off from the guys behind the project. Here you have Paul Kosinsky, Sylvia Alvarez and Tomo Kosuda…

Paul Kosinsky

Sylvia Alvarez

Tomo Kosuda

These studio miniatures are turning out very nicely indeed and I like the way all of these metal miniatures have come together for the range. There were a few quibbles early on that the renders wouldn’t match up to the final product but I think they’ve hit the nail on the head.

It’s going to be awesome seeing this all come together and as I’m totally into the Cyberpunk thing right now I can’t think of many things better than getting all these characters to paint up.

What do you think?

"Here you have Paul Kosinsky, Sylvia Alvarez and Tomo Kosuda..."