Gnomes Hit The Front Line For Hysterical Games’ Panzerfauste

May 3, 2015 by brennon

Hysterical Games have shown off a new piece of artwork for the French Gnomes that are popping up for their alternative World War II game Panzerfauste…

Continental Gnomes

The piece of sketch artwork below is for one of the Gnomes that will eventually pop up as part of the ‘French’ faction in the game. Unlike Gnomes you’ve met before he certainly looks very serious…

Gnome Voltiguer

I like that they’ve managed to keep a semblance of their fey nature in the artwork but then tied that into a very ‘French’ look which is fun. They are a departure from the German Dwarves in style so they should look good in comparison on the tabletop.

Dwarven Guns

Talking of Dwarves these bearded folk have decided to drop the cannons and organ guns and replace them with Light Machine Guns instead.

NCO & LMG Team

Some more great renders that I think will turn into nice sculpts when they eventually come out. Of course I’m going to have to play this faction when it comes out since they are my bearded fellows. I’ve been painting Dwarves and Germans for ages now so hopefully I can combine my skills.

What do you think of the art and renders?

"I like that they've managed to keep a semblance of their fey nature in the artwork..."